• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Experts at RECODE Conference say self-awareness, positive mindset key to business, individual transformation

Experts say self-awareness, positive mindset key to business, individual transformation

Experts have urged Nigerians, especially the youths to reinvent themselves for future opportunities and business transformation by shaping their minds positively and remaining conscious for productivity and growth.

The experts noted this recently in Lagos at a one-day seminar titled ‘RECODE’ with the theme “Reinventing yourself for a wholesome life.”

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Bankole Williams, founder, Live Your Dreams Africa and host of RECODE explained that having a positive mindset remains a major key to identifying and solving business problems and remaining relevant even in the face of adversity.

He added that RECODE is an initiative set up for everyone, especially youths, to recognise that the world has changed, stating the need to adjust and adapt by acquiring skills to ensure that the world on the inside is settled, of which will also settle the outside world.

“Anyone starting a business is already solving a problem and by solving a problem they are adding value. So, to solve a problem, you have to be able to see opportunities first before solving problems and to see opportunities you must have the right mindset. Two people might be on the same lane and one person sees everything right and the other see everything wrong and the function of the mindset is what determines what you see, even in the face of adversities,” Williams said

He said, “The youths have to be resilient, be tough, take on difficulty but also be able to rise above difficulty, must have self-regulation, with everything that is happening in the outer world, you don’t want your inner world to be influenced, ability to go through crisis but not allowing the crisis to go on inside of you, it’s a powerful skill and I believe that it’s necessary for the times we find ourselves in.”

Also speaking, Tochukwu MacFoy, facilitator and Panellist at the event said a lot of youths have been working with minds that are way lower than they should work, noting that the inefficiency in belief, consciousness, imagination, memories and trauma have built a negative impact on youths.

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“This is a conversation where we recalibrate our minds and bring it back to proper consciousness.

“Youths are the ones to change the country, the state, the outlook so if you can change how they think, you can change the country,” he said.

Rantiade Benson-Idahosa, a lawyer at Pathfinders Justice Initiative noted that self-awareness is a step towards acknowledging the power and potential to change the reality, adding that Recode is about reprogramming and shaping the inner minds to solve problems and impact the outside world.