• Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Expert harps on pivotal role of digital economies in achieving SDGs

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A digital marketing expert, Ekundayo Ayeni has emphasised the pivotal role of digital economies in achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Ayeni made this emphasis at the fourth Presidential Youth Mentorship Retreat, held at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library’s Youth Development Centre.

The event, which also marked the eighth edition of the Youth Governance Dialogue, focused on key themes like green economy and digital transformation.

Ayeni, known for his profound knowledge in the digital marketing sector, joined the panel of discussants, offering valuable insights into the world of digital economies.

During a session titled ‘Exploring Digital Economy as a Panacea in Achieving Green Economy,’ Ayeni delved into strategies for integrating digital technology to promote environmental sustainability. His perspective on using digital tools to nurture eco-friendly practices and sustainable development across various industries was a highlight of the event.

The retreat, aimed at educating the youth about sustainable practices and encouraging their involvement in governance, benefited greatly from Ayeni’s expertise. His contribution alongside other notable personalities such as Mr. Walter Akpani (MD/CEO of Providus Bank), Abiola Odetola (expert in Job Creation and Youth Empowerment), and Osei Kyeretwie (Programme Lead at AU Ecossoc), added depth to the discussions.

Ayeni underscored the vital link between digital innovation and environmental sustainability, marking him as a forward-thinking leader in the quest for a greener future. His participation at the Presidential Youth Mentorship Retreat 4.0 not only enriched the conversation but also served as an inspiration for attendees.