• Friday, May 17, 2024
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Expert calls for more investment to deepen financial literacy

Expert calls for more investment to deepen financial literacy

Gbenga Ibitoye, an expert, has called for more inclusive initiatives that will promote financial literacy in the country.

His impassioned call to promote and invest more in financial literacy underscores the critical need for a comprehensive approach to financial education in our society.

According to him, financial literacy must begin from the grassroots with the government spearheading the initiative to ensure that financial education becomes part of our school curriculum.

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Ibitoye, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (FCA) and member of various financial associations has contributed immensely to the finance sector in Nigeria having deployed his expertise to quite several corporate organisations, is a stalwart advocate for enhancing financial literacy from the grassroots level.

He says that the government must play a central role in spearheading initiatives to integrate financial education into the school curriculum.

Recognizing that only a small percentage of the population currently possesses financial literacy skills, Ibitoye emphasised the urgency of addressing this gap to foster a financially savvy citizenry.

While highlighting the benefits of financial literacy to the growth of any nation, he said.

“The benefits of financial literacy are multifaceted and extend far beyond individual households.” “A financially literate population contributes to the overall economic growth and stability of a nation.”

He stated that some of the advantages of having a society with a high percentage of financially literate population include; empowering individuals as they easily understand budgeting, savings and investing, helping reduce poverty, stimulating growth and improve financial stability as well as fostering ethical financial practices.

With a passion for ensuring proper financial governance, Ibitoye emphasised the pivotal role of regulatory compliance in fostering a robust and ethical financial landscape in the country.

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His journey into the financial leadership industry is marked by a dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency.

He aligns with other stakeholders in the broader goal of building a resilient and trustworthy financial ecosystem in the nation.

“The imperative to prioritize financial literacy cannot be overstated and not merely a suggestion but a clarion call for a fundamental shift in our approach to financial education.”