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Everything you need to know on how to apply for Germany’s opportunity card

Everything you need to know on how to apply for German Opportunity Card

The Opportunity Card is a residence permit allowing non-EU workers to enter Germany to seek employment or pursue recognition of their foreign professional qualifications.

Eligibility is determined by a points system, requiring a minimum score of six points based on qualifications and circumstances.

However, individuals with a recognised vocational qualification in Germany can apply as skilled workers without meeting the points requirement. Basic requirements apply in both cases.

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Here are the essential criteria for the Opportunity Card, scored based on:

– Completion of a recognized degree or two years of state-approved training.
– German proficiency minimum A1 or English proficiency minimum B2 according to CEFR.
– Financial capability to sustain living expenses in Germany throughout your stay.

You can demonstrate your financial stability in Germany by providing either a blocked account or a declaration of commitment. a minimum of 1,027 euros per month (as of 2024) is necessary to meet this requirement.

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To qualify for the Opportunity Card, applicants must meet basic requirements and achieve a minimum score of six points. Points can be earned through:

– Partial recognition of a foreign educational qualification or regulated profession(e.g. teacher, nurse, or engineer), earning 4 points.

– Qualification in a shortage occupation, earning 1 point.

– Professional experience: 2-3 points for relevant experience acquired in the last 5-7 years.

– Language skills: 1-4 points based on proficiency in German and English.

– Age: 1-2 points for age between 35 and younger.

– Relation to Germany: 1 point for legal residence in Germany for at least six months in the last five years.

– Joint applications with a partner: 1 point can be awarded if both applicants apply together at the same German mission.

To get your points, fill in the information Application Assistant form. Further information can be found on the website of the relevant German mission.