• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Eunisell restates commitment to innovations, highlights latest PMT solution

Chika Ikenga

Chika Ikenga, Group Managing Director, Eunisell Limited, an oil and gas engineering solutions company, said innovation remains critical in enhancing productivity in the Nigerian business space especially the energy sector.

Ikenga noted that for over 27 years the company has been at the forefront of introducing and deploying the latest world-class technologies and tools used in providing critical solutions and enhancing efficiency for the energy sector in the region.

In a media chat, Ikenga said, “Eunisell has been a key driver of innovations in the West African energy sector, deploying latest global solutions locally for enhancing performances, significantly upscaling outputs and driving business growth for our wide range of customers.

“Eunisell is promoting a new technology called the Sage Rider PMT (paraffin melting tool) that is ingenious and charting a new course in the well intervention space in terms of wax and paraffin cleaning from oil wells. This has proven to reduce operational time and cost by 70%, with 99.8% effectiveness and efficiency.”

“The Sage Rider Paraffin Melting Tool can reach an extremely high temperature to renew the well to full bore drift. As a revolutionary solution, the Paraffin Melting Tool eases the cleaning and maintenance of wells susceptible to paraffin build-up to increase production and efficiencies.

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“Engineered as a rechargeable battery-powered tool, the Paraffin Melting Tool performs on all forms of wireline, including slickline, braided line, and e-line utilizing a cutting system along with heat that can reach greater than 315°C (600°F), and easily removing costly paraffin.”

Further highlighting the benefits of the new solution, the Eunisell boss said, “This new approach aids in getting tubing to achieve full drift, reduces maintenance time and frequency, increases tubing production efficiency, allows logging and well-servicing operation to perform as designed, and extends the time for paraffin to build back up.”

In addition, Eunisell has also partnered with global industry leaders in deploying cutting-edge water treatment solutions for delivering high quality streams and precision cleaning needed to meet the most rigorous specifications for water, food, beverage and industrial hygiene including bio-degradable aluminum beverage cans.

Ikenga who founded the Eunisell Group including Eunisell Limited and Eunisell Interlinked Plc also noted that the company’s vision remains to be the leading specialty chemicals, engineering solutions and environmental management provider in Africa, offering a full range of technical services to complement wide range of specialty products.

“In line with high ethical standards and regulatory compliances, our ISO 9001:2015 and TRACE International certification for anti-corruption compliances are a significant testament for Eunisell, underlining its resolve to sustaining global best practices in quality management systems, processes and service delivery in a manner that truly promotes green environment and assures overall human and environmental safety,” he concluded.