• Sunday, March 03, 2024
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Entrepreneur launches ‘Talk show’ to uncover driving forces behind Africa’s tech revolution

To assist industrialists and shareholders seeking to understand the driving forces behind Africa’s tech revolution, a tech entrepreneur, Fatu Ogwuche has unveiled a talk show tagged, “Backstories with Fatu.’’

The talk show examined the backstories of the people backing Africa’s innovators like founding partner, Ventures Platform, Kola Aina, CEO, Piggy Vest; Odun Eweniyi, managing partner, Chrysalis Capital; Nichole Yembra, among others.

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Speaking during the launch, the brain behind “Backstories with Fatu,’’ Fatu Ogwuche affirmed that the newly unveiled talk show which highlights the challenges, triumphs, and trends shaping the continent’s burgeoning tech ecosystem goes beyond valuations and earning, adding that it demands to uncover the human stories behind the success stories.

Ogwuche further explained that through intimate one-on-one interviews, the talk show guides viewers on a journey into the personal lives, childhood memories, and pivotal life events that have molded these tech pioneers.

In her words: “I’m excited to share the inspiring stories of Africa’s tech leaders, individuals shaping the continent’s digital future and redefining the global tech landscape.

“Their experiences offer valuable insights and lessons for entrepreneurs, investors, operators and anyone seeking to understand the driving forces behind Africa’s tech revolution.

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“The show serves as a launch pad for emerging tech entrepreneurs, providing them with actionable insights and mentorship from seasoned industry veterans.”

She added that the talk show would inspire and empower viewers to pursue their dreams and positively impact the world.