• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Emi Membere-Otaji weighs in on Rivers’ political crisis for sake of businesses

Emi Membere-Otaji weighs in on Rivers’ political crisis for sake of businesses

Know Emi Membere-Otaji, a Kalabari chief, a medical doctor-turned entrepreneur, investor, administrator, and international businessman?

Each time there is a major national or local crisis that threatens business stability, he usually steps in with his usually respected voice to call for caution. His voice caries huge credibility that turns bulldozers around. He had weighed in when oil economy was beginning to fail years back; he weighed in during COVID-19 that imprisoned people in homes; and now that another round of political crisis is rearing its ugly head, he has weighed in again.

Speaking through his media aide, Anderson Hart, he has called the two gladiators, Nyesom Wike and Sim Fubara, to consider the business sector in all they do.

The frontline business leader with many national and state honours has joined other concerned leaders not only from Rivers State but Nigeria at large to call all parties involved in crisis to sheath their swords.

In the press statement, the Kalabari high chief who heads the peace chamber of the kingdom noted that in recent months, most of the negative political news in the country have come from Rivers State. This to him is not only bad for business but also distracts real governance and development in the state.

He stated: “It deeply pains me that my state is daily being dragged into the mud.”

Membere- Otaji is presently the highest member of the Organised Private Sector (OPSN), not only in Rivers State but the entire South-South of Nigeria in view of his position as the Deputy National President and second in line for National Presidency of the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce (NACCIMA). His call thus, becomes very important. “I must state the obvious that enough should be enough!.”

The top investor, leadership expert, and author who was chairman of the West African Glass Plc and also a Council member of both the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping and Nigerian Institute of Management, further observed that the political heat is not only affecting Rivers State but the nation in general as Rivers State is not only the headquarters of the nation’s energy source but also its major source of income.

He pointed out that in these days where online news and publications are read globally real time, such negative actions in any part of the country can bring disrepute to the nation in the international community, and also distraction to Mr President in his bid to reposition the country at this time.

He has thus called for positive synergy between the executive, judiciary, and legislature to deepen democracy and governance in the state.

Hear Him: “Finally I must conclude with the Shakespearian quote often used as words of wisdom by the late sage, a prominent fighter for an independent Nigeria and its first President, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe that ‘The world is a stage where every actor plays his or her part and exits the stage for the next.’ My fellow Rivers people, in all we do, let’s put Rivers State first”.

The fight seems to be about self-survival. Any counsel that seeks to make impact must also think of how to convince each player of survival within reconciliation. So, Membere-Otaji and other very few credible neutrals like him must set up a clean platform for intervention.