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Ekiti Guber: Anointing another aspirant won’t affect my chances – Bamisile

Ekiti Guber: Anointing another aspirant won’t affect my chances – Bamisile

A governorship aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in the June 18 Ekiti guber polls, Olufemi Bamisile said his chances of becoming the party’s candidate and next Governor of the State would not be affected even if another aspirant is anointed for the position.

Bamisile who represents Ekiti South 2 in the House of Representatives said this while addressing journalists after submitting his expression of interest and nomination forms at the APC National Secretariat in Abuja.

The Chairman, House Committee on Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) said as the grassroots politician who has endeared to the people and trusts that power comes from God, he was not worried by rumours of endorsement of a certain aspirant in the contest.

“I am a seasoned politician and I have worked my way through politics from the grassroots up to where I am today. I don’t believe in such and for me, day one, it doesn’t bother my pedigree. I’m too locked with the people of Ekiti State that anointing a particular candidate would not go far. It is the wishes of the people, the will of God and what the people again want as simply defined in democracy, government of people by the people and for the people.

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“Have you forgotten that there is a hand that oversees the affairs of men but is unseen by individuals, that is God. So the basic thing is this; if the wish of God, if the pronouncement of God is on a man it doesn’t matter what obstacles that stand in the way. And I can assure you is not just limited to Nigeria alone in any civilised society, there would be an interest of the outgoing executive officer be it at the State or the national level that wants to say I would love to anoint.

“But as simply defined to us and as what we are about seeing play out in this country now, you are the ones who are seated who cry about what government does to everybody that you are not comfortable with. So, it is your decision to make your own future and that future would be made on the day of primaries not minding whose ox is gored,” he said.

Bamisile expressed hope that despite the rejection of the Electoral Act Amendment Bill by President Muhammadu Buhari on account of direct primaries, the mode of nomination would be used for selection of candidates for future elections even if it is not for Ekiti governorship.

“The Electoral Act Bill, sincerely I won’t want to delve too much into that and you know why? We went on recess after we submitted the Electoral Act and questions and insinuations that have been bubbling around that, unfortunately don’t forget we have not come back to the office.

“I make bold to say that because there are so many pending issues that are there that are hung on the party as we speak. Nobody wants to go into an election and loss at the end of the day at the judiciary. So I’m certain there is going to be direct primaries. No matter what issues that are bound on the issue of not signing the direct primaries, these things should be overcome,” the lawmaker stated.