• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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EGO Foundation unveils artisan business school to drive economic empowerment

EGO Foundation unveils artisan business school to drive economic empowerment

The Enterprise, Growth and Opportunities (EGO) Foundation, in a stride towards economic empowerment launched the Artisan Business School in Surulere on January 25, 2024.

This innovative school aligns with the foundation’s mission to foster sustainable growth and empower local communities economically.

The Artisan Business School is tailored to equip artisans with a diverse range of business skills. From comprehensive financial management training to soft skills enhancement, the school is dedicated to improving the business acumen of local artisans. This initiative aims to enable artisans to tackle business challenges effectively and contribute to the economic development of their communities and Nigeria.

One of the key features of the school is its holistic approach to financial management. Artisans will gain insights into effective budgeting, investment strategies, and financial planning. Recognizing the critical role of soft skills in business success, the school also provides training in bookkeeping, basic accounting, digital marketing, and critical thinking.

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Speaking at the launch, Ayodele Joshua, the Micro Enterprise Startup Officer at the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), praised the initiative at the launch event. He highlighted the numerous funding options available for small businesses through the LSETF.

Also, Toluwase Olaniyan, Founder of EGO Foundation, in his address, said “Empowering artisans with the right skills and knowledge is key to driving economic growth at the grassroots level. The Artisan Business School is our commitment to equipping the local business community with practical and valuable resources,” he stated.

The launch event was a gathering of local artisans, community leaders, and representatives, offering a platform to discuss the positive impacts of such initiatives on local economic development.

Moreover, the Artisan Business School offers free financial advisory services to small businesses, providing expert guidance for informed financial decisions and robust business strategy development. This support is crucial for artisans to thrive in a competitive market.