• Saturday, May 25, 2024
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EFCC: These 7 alternatives will ensure you avoid arrest for spraying money

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has filed three charges against Pascal Okechukwu popularly known as Cubana Chief Priestt for allegedly spraying and tampering with the naira at a social event just last week.
A week earlier, Okuneye Idris popularly known as Bobrisky was sentenced to a 6-month jail term, with no option of fine after being arraigned for naira mutilation the week before
These are just a few celebrities who have been caught in the net of the EFCC for spraying money at events.
The EFCC are backed by law to arrest anyone abusing the Naira

According to section 21(3) of the Central Bank of Nigeria Act 2007 (As amended) explicitly provides for penalties for those caught abusing the naira. Specifically, the law stipulates that “spraying of, dancing or matching on the Naira or any note issued by the Bank during social occasions or otherwise howsoever shall constitute an abuse and defacing of the Naira or such note and shall be punishable under the law by fines or imprisonment or both.”

The law also prohibits hawking of the country’s legal tender when it provides in Section 21(4) that “It shall also be an offence punishable under Sub-section (1) of this section for any person to hawk, sell or otherwise trade in the Naira notes, coins or any other note issued by the Bank.”
Here are 7 ways to avoid being arrested by the EFCC for spraying naira notes at an event.

Avoid spraying: To be a good law abiding citizen of the country, just keep the law and keep your money in your pocket at any event you attend.

Transfer the money: The the era of digital money is here and all it takes is a USSD code or a bank app to transfer the money to the celebrant.

Place the money in the celebrants hand: Taking the cash and placing it in the celebrants hadn will ensure nobody abuses or mutilates the money.

Spray the money into a box next to the celebrant: An innovative way that is beginning to make waves at events is spraying the money into a box next to the celebrant, this will prevent people at the event stepping on naira notes.

Designate a collector: The celebrant can designate someone to collect the money on their behalf at the event either using a ghana-must-go, a large bag, POS or transfer

Give the money to the celebrant in a bag or Ghana-must-go: The celebrant can be given the money in a Ghana-must-go or a big bag.

 Put it in the celebrants pocket or handbag: If the celebrant’s cloth has a pocket, put the money in their pockets or hand bag.

All these alternatives will 100% keep you out of jail.