• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Edo State transforms education for lasting peace on International Education Day

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Today (Wednesday) being International Education Day, Governor Godwin Obaseki sheds light on the transformative journey initiated through the EdoBEST programme, targeting foundational learning and addressing the root causes of human trafficking and irregular migration.

Governor Obaseki, in a statement to the Financial Times, highlighted the significance of education in combating societal challenges, noting that a breakdown in the basic education system led to a significant learning deficit among youth, contributing to issues like human trafficking.

The Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation (EdoBEST), launched five years ago, focuses on comprehensive reform areas, including governance, community participation, infrastructure, leadership, teacher development, and curriculum enhancement.

Governor Obaseki stressed the need to create an education system that empowers youth, making them employable and less prone to desperation.

Sustaining peace, according to UNESCO, requires inclusive governance, dialogue, mutual understanding, cooperation, sustainable development, and education.

EdoBEST aims to achieve this by revolutionising the curriculum, teaching methods, and institutionalising a pedagogy to improve learning outcomes for the state’s children.

The programme has successfully empowered learners with knowledge, values, attitudes, skills, and behaviours essential for becoming agents of peace in their communities.

Each state-owned basic school now features a guidance and counselling unit to address socio-cultural issues.

Additionally, the “Speak Out Club,” an anti-gender-based violence initiative, encourages children to report abuse and discrimination.

To complement these efforts, ongoing recruitment by the Edo State Universal Basic Education Board aims to bring over 5,500 new teachers into the system, reducing teacher gaps and reaffirming the commitment to quality education.

As the world celebrates International Education Day, Edo State stands as a testament to using education as a tool for peace, inclusion, and societal transformation.