• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Ebonyi bullish on investment, rakes in N200m from fertilizer plant

Ebonyi bullish on investment, rakes in N200m from fertilizer plant

An agro-allied company owned and controlled by the Ebonyi State Government known as Ebonyi State Fertilizer Chemical Company, has generated N200 million within six months which signposts an improvement and bullish sentiments in a State-owned investment.

Nkechinyere Iyioku the Commissioner for Agriculture, and Natural Resources in the State stated this in Abakaliki the State Capital at a Press Conference.

Ebonyi State has a fertilizer blending plant called Ebonyi Fertilizer Chemical Company at Onuebonyi which was revitalized by the current administration to boost farm produce in the State by making the product available for farmers at all times and an at affordable price.

According to the commissioner, Governor Francis Nwifuru on the assumption of office, started policies through the State Agriculture Ministry which led to the revitalization of the fertilizer plant.

“The Ministry made gains for the State under six months because, after the inception of office, I took practical steps in reshaping the company for success. I shut down all the known financial leakages by the introduction of non-payment of money by cash but direct payment into the company’s account.

“I introduced e-records in both the account section, marketing section, and in the factory, thereby enabling periodic stocktaking and audit of the company’s account.

“I strengthened the tax force on fertilizer adulteration by increasing their stipend and as well, mobilized them for ease of movement to clamp down on fertilizer adulteration.

“I also motivated factory workers by the introduction of incentives to take care of their wellbeing and ensure their better health. Safety kits were purchased for their safety. This as well, enhanced their efficiency. Consequently, workers are punctual and traces of indolence and truancy are not entertained.

“I also Reinforced security by installing solar lights and CCTV cameras in all the strategic locations of the factory”, she said.

Iyioku further stated that to ensure that customers had no reasons whatsoever not to patronize the company, she applied good marketing strategies and introduced incentives to customers.

“The company ensured that products were readily available to meet the needs of farmers. A good quantity of fertilizers was produced in the peak of the dry season in 2023, in readiness for business this year which will kick start any moment from now.

“And ensured that no section of the factory was dysfunctional. The Ministry repaired and brought to life, the bad section of the factory which would have broken down if urgent attention was not accorded. Every section of the factory was kept clean and in order.

“The primary objective of the company is to ensure the availability of fertilizers to the farmers on time” she said.