• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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‘Dysfunctional family values contributing to leadership failure in Nigeria’


Nigerians have been urged to pay adequate attention to family lifestyles and ensure proper upbringing of their children to guard against the recurring leadership failure in the country.

Howard Usen, a public communication expert and author, stated this in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital during an interaction with journalists ahead of the formal presentation of his latest book.

Usen pointed out that leadership failure was one of the challenges facing Nigeria.

According to him, “Nigeria is in a stranglehold today because our leaders have failed. As a country, we are not producing competent leaders because our family cultures and values are nothing to write home about.

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“If you can fix the families, where we raise children with proper ethics and morals; then, the ripple effect will be felt in the Nigerian society, leadership-wise.”

He further said that his new book titled ‘Take Charge ‘ “encompasses all aspects of life – marriage, finances, family, personal life, health, governance and leadership.”

According to him, “It deals with universal principles that have worked for everyone irrespective of your location, culture and backgrounds. It deals with character and attitude which are the cornerstones of success and failure.”

‘Take Charge’ has been selected amongst the books to be read at the ongoing Guinness World Record official attempt of the longest marathon reading aloud, Readmania, by John Obot, currently taking place in Uyo.

Usen said he was motivated to write the book after a series of personal and family failures he witnessed and experienced; yet he still found a way to surmount those challenges and emerge on the brighter side.

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“I want to inspire and motivate people who are facing a lot of difficulties in life that they are not failures and they can still make it despite all. They just need the right attitude and character.

“Look at people all over the world who have risen to prominence. They are all listed and discussed in the book. Their stories should inspire everyone. This is what ‘Take Charge’ is all about. We need a change of mindset and this is what this book offers,” he said.