• Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Dow, LEAP Africa partner to drive social entrepreneurship in Africa

Dow, LEAP Africa partner to drive social entrepreneurship in Africa

Dow, a global leader in materials science and LEAP Africa have partnered to engage young people across Africa in a month-long service to their communities, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This year marks the fourth edition of the initiative and focuses on rallying young people, corporate organisations, as well as public and social sector organisations to become active social agents.

The goal is to renew the spirit of active youth citizenship with an emphasis on spreading the culture of service and collective responsibility. The campaign will feature different projects championed by young people in various African communities across the continent.

“We are excited to partner with LEAP Africa once again on this important initiative that drives sustainable development across the continent through active collaboration, investments, and empowerment,” said Sami Mainich, president, Dow Africa.

“Dow has a long history of supporting youth development, and we believe that this partnership will help us to advance our commitment to building a more sustainable future.”

“By working with LEAP Africa, we are empowering young people to make a positive impact in their communities as they collaborate to achieve the SDGs. We encourage young people from all over Africa to get involved and help us build the Africa we want.”

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In 2022, Dow Africa – as a headline sponsor – and LEAP Africa mobilized over 4000 young people across 24 African countries to implement 210 projects which spanned across all 17 sustainable development goals.

The projects which were implemented physically, virtually using digital devices, and in hybrid formats included tree plantings, food drives, beach clean-ups, medical outreaches, educational workshops and training, and virtual advocacy campaigns.

“We believe in the agency of young people and the power of their voices, creativity and energy when positively harnessed. The YDoS is a massive campaign gradually catching on across Africa annually, which we are immensely proud of,” said Kehinde Ayeni, executive director, LEAP Africa.

“LEAP Africa intends to push young people to think and be involved in social impact projects to deliver the Africa we want. Leveraging strategic partnerships has played a prominent role in deepening the impact of our programmatic efforts across Africa.”

“The partnership with Dow last year enabled us to empower more African young people. We anticipate greater achievements for YDoS 2023 with this renewed partnership.”

The prgramme is scheduled to commence on the August 12th on International Youth Day. Participants interested in the 2023 initiative can either register their own project, volunteer for an existing project or sponsor the execution of a project.