• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Don’t stake your political goodwill on EFCC/Bello face-off – Ebira Youth Coalition cautions Natasha

N80.2bn fraud: Court declines Bello’s prayer to vacate arrest warrant

The Ebira Youth Coalition has issued a warning to Natasha Akpoti-Úduaghan, the senator representing Kogi Central, regarding her involvement in the conflict between former Governor Yahaya Bello and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

In a statement released in Lokoja on Saturday, the group, led by Fache Onimisi Moses, expressed concern over the senator’s alleged involvement in actions against the Ebira community, citing her recent political success.

The statement referenced comments by EFCC chairman Ola Olukeyede, implying the senator’s involvement in the controversy.

The coalition criticised anonymous publications bearing Ebira names, interpreting them as evidence of the senator’s involvement.

The statement emphasised the community’s disapproval of any Ebira individual undermining another due to internal disagreements.

It dismissed past political conflicts between Bello and Akpoti-Úduaghan as irrelevant to the EFCC’s current actions against Bello.

The group vowed to oppose any collaboration between the senator and external parties against Bello, warning of potential political consequences for her in Kogi Central.

“No Ebira man or woman worthy of his or her background would trade off his brother because of domestic disputes. So whatever political disputes that must have ensued between Yahaya Bello and Senator Natasha in the past are issues that have no relevance in the current persecution of Yahaya Bello by EFCC.

“So any attempt by Senator Natasha to collaborate with outsiders to humiliate our illustrious son will be resisted vehemently by well meaning AneEbira and that could mark the end of her political career in this state, at least, in Kogi Central,” the statement reads.

The coalition highlighted the community’s unity in electing Akpoti-Úduaghan to the Senate and supporting Usman Ododo as governor of Kogi State.

It urged the senator to work with the state government for regional development rather than engaging in vendettas against Bello.

The group advised the public to disregard defamatory publications against the former governor, attributing them to other ethnic groups using counterfeit Ebira identities to undermine Bello’s support within the community.

“We also wish to inform the reading public not to be carried away by sponsored write-ups against the former governor carrying Ebira names. They are thrashes written by cowards from other ethnic groups with fake Ebira names to either give currency to their makeup stories or suggest that the former governor no longer enjoys the support of his people,” the group stated.