• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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DobiAgriCo expands business operations with the launch of 12 additional greenhouses

DobiAgriCo expands business operations with the launch of 12 additional greenhouses

To further expand its business operations and meet the growing demands of customers, DobiAgriCo recently launched twelve (12) newly constructed greenhouses

This expansion is in line with the overall ambition of the business, its growth strategies as well as its continuous effort to improve the nutritional well-being of its immediate community and Nigeria as a whole.

Speaking at the launch event of the new greenhouses, Ayodeji Ibosiola, General Manager, DobiAgriCo, stated that the expansion is an offshoot of the overall strategy.

“We are excited about this expansion programme because it enables us to meet the market demands while also satisfying out large customer base. With the growing expectations for the future in terms of export, this strategic expansion places us in the right path towards achieving this feat; without a doubt.”

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At DobiAgriCo, we model our process with cutting-edge technology to cultivate high-quality crop produce. In 2020, we set a goal of expanding our production line, which we accomplished in 2021 by adding 12 greenhouses.

Further elaborating on the expansion’s objective, Abayomi Adepoju, Group Head, Human Resource, LATC, stated, “This expansion demonstrates our commitment to positively impacting the agricultural industry and people’s lives through job creation.”

Building on this milestone, we will expand our agribusiness footprint through a variety of initiatives that will have a long-term impact on food security, business growth, job creation, and nation-building in general,” he added.