• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Dewolsela launches Nigeria’s first duo auction retail platform

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Dewolsela, one of Africa’s largest online warehouses has launched its first website to serve both auction and shopping outlets. The unique blend of auction (bid-now) and e-commerce (buy-now) listing format on Dewolsela’s marketplace gives the platform its signature.

“With our 2 in 1 model process, we give Nigerians and Africans the opportunity to buy at a fixed price or place a bid to buy at their price. They stand a chance of completing an order if they win a bid each bid session. This means that items sold on auction are way cheaper than the market price,” Ndifereke Eduo, the CEO of Dewolsela stated.

According to Eduo, the bidding price can start at zero, but the auction will only end at a price agreed upon between Dewolsela and the real sale value. After which payment options are then presented to the winning bidder.

Eduo states further that customers are presented with items that fall into different categories, some of which are fashion, electronics, computers/mobile phones, and accessories. “We sell anything from cars to designer fashion items to gadgets and a lot more”.

For the first six months of purchase, Dewolsela promises customers an exclusive deal of after-sales technical support, to help ensure that a customer gets as much use and value as possible out of their purchase.

This may entail training on existing features or product uses and capabilities. Our help desk and technical support services are always available to support customers with the use of their products purchased.

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Dewolsela has launched several eye-catching products across multiple categories to put a smile on the face of Nigerians. Customers also have the opportunity to surprise a child after each purchase with our Buy-One-Gift-A-Child-One-Free initiative. This means a Nigerian child is gifted a toy or a book from your completed online order.

Dewolsela offers free delivery for residents in Lagos while a swift logistics process is arranged for customers outside Lagos. This is its commitment to serving its customers better. “We know that keeping up to date with today’s fast-paced news cycle can feel impossible at times, so we’re here to help. Embrace innovation at www.dewolsela.com,” Eduo stated.

According to the company, if a customer is willing to pay the given price, exceptional discounts and free shipping are guaranteed on pre-owned items. If they insist on paying their own price, a bid would be placed for each item they want. “Promotion is very effective as it is achieved by our sophisticated, knowledgeable, and intelligent system to ensure items are sold at a fair market price,” the company said in a statement.

A reserve price is provided for items in the auction category, and this follows the procedures of a reserved auction. “Our live auctions expand the possibilities of e-commerce and present our regular customers with a fresh new way to find joy in their shopping experience.

“As Dewolsela takes the safety of its products and services extremely seriously, customers do not have to worry about being taken advantage of by con artists or by fraudsters operating online. The Dewolsela Duty Care Stamp settles this issue”.