• Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Developer launches G premium plus for global real estate investment opportunities

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In the last couple of decades, the global real estate market has experienced considerable growth, with nations in Africa, including Nigeria, emerging as key players and drivers of this growth.

From outstanding developments in the city of Lagos to the skyscrapers of Dubai, the demand for luxury properties continues to soar, attracting investors from around the world.

Grace Ofure, a Nigerian female real estate developer and consultant, is one of the frontline players in this market. Recently, she launched a new venture called G Premium Plus with which she plans to tap and explore real estate investment opportunities beyond Africa.

According to her, the G Premium Plus is driven by her passion for real estate and her commitment to empowering others, pointing out that her entrepreneurial journey has taken yet another significant turn with the launch of this venture.

Ofure who is also an economist and businesswoman, has made a mark in her entrepreneurial journey which started over two decades ago when she sold second-hand clothes known locally as ‘Okrika. She was introduced to the world of real estate by an old classmate who saw her potential.

Her new venture offers a wide range of services tailored towards the needs of high-net-worth individuals worldwide. It also offers cross-border real estate investment which allows investors to explore lucrative real estate opportunities across vibrant urban landscapes and serene coastal locations.

Guided by her expertise in the Nigerian real estate market and her global vision, Ofure ensures that G Premium Plus provides potential clients access to promising real estate deals around the world.

Additionally, the new venture offers immigration investment solutions and alternative asset opportunities just as it provides consultancy services, all aimed at helping clients diversify their portfolios and achieve their financial goals.

G Premium Plus, which has its head office in Dubai, embodies the founder’s vision of building a global business that transcends geographical boundaries.

Ofure recalls taking her classmate’s advice wholeheartedly, saying that it set her on a path that led to remarkable success. “With a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Bendel State University (now Ambrose Alli University) and more knowledge from the Owner’s Management Programme at Lagos Business School, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey with a clear vision and unwavering determination,” she disclosed.

According to her, it was from here that she took a significant leap forward in 2019 to launch Lifecard International Investment Limited, noting that, with committed leadership, Lifecard rapidly expanded its footprint, establishing a presence in multiple countries within Africa.

She emphasized that her journey from selling Okrika on the streets of Ekpoma to leading a global enterprise is a testament to her resilience, vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Ofure believes that success is not just about financial prosperity, but also about making a meaningful impact on society.

Through Lifecard International Investment, the Grace Ofure Foundation, and now G Premium Plus, she said, has continued to inspire countless individuals to dream big and pursue their paths to success.