• Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Delta monarch surrenders to Police, denies involvement in killing of soldiers

Delta monarch surrenders to Police, denies involvement in killing of soldiers

The monarch of Ewu-Urhobo Kingdom in Delta State, Clement Ikolo, Urhukpe 1, has surrendered to the police amidst allegations linking him to the recent killings of 17 officers and soldiers in the Okuama community.

Despite his name appearing on the list of wanted suspects, the monarch vehemently denied any involvement in the heinous crime.

In a press briefing earlier on Thursday in Asaba before handing himself over to the police, Clement Ikolo expressed shock and disbelief at being implicated in such a grave incident.

He emphasized his innocence, saying, “I have no hands in the killings and I have no hands in encouraging anybody to kill. It is against my philosophy as a human being and my faith as a Catholic.”

The monarch further clarified that he had not been able to access his kingdom since receiving his staff of office on November 16, 2023, due to ongoing turbulence in the region. He urged authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to identify the true perpetrators of the crime and bring them to justice.

“I am really very surprised that my name as the monarch of the kingdom would appear on the list of wanted persons. The government is aware of my position, and I urge a comprehensive investigation to uncover the truth behind this tragedy.

“I am not a party to this and like I have said earlier, the state government is aware of the turbulence I have been going through and as I speak, an arrangement was made by the government to invite the opponents recently just before this happenings.

“I have not being able to set up anything, I have not been able to set up my traditional council, I have done nothing in the kingdom.

“So I barely know anything right now, I have no information, I know nothing Iam only just in the process to set up a structure to enable me rule in the kingdom,” the monarch asserted.

The community and authorities are now faced with the challenging task of unravelling the circumstances surrounding the killings and ensuring that justice is served for the fallen officers and soldiers. As the investigation continues, the people of Delta State await further developments in this tragic and unsettling case.

Recall the monarch is among the eight persons declared wanted by the Defence Headquarters over the March 14 killings of 17 officers and soldiers on peace mission at Okuama community, Delta State.

Okuama is one of the many communities under the Ewu-Urhobo Kingdom where the wanted Ikolo is the traditional ruler.

The Defence Headquarters had early Thursday, declared eight people wanted in connection to the killing.

Also declared wanted is the President-General of Ewu communities and renowned university lecturer, Arthur Ekpekpo.

Others are Andaowei Dennis Bakriri and Igoli Ebi, who is supposedly the mother of one of the wanted persons as well as Reuben Baru, a young man, who made a viral video recently, narrating why the soldiers were killed.