• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Defence Minister links proliferation of small arms to rise in oil theft, kidnapping in Niger Delta

Developed nations aiding arms proliferation in Nigeria – Navy

Muhammed Abubabar, the Minister of Defence, has raised concerns about the role of small arms proliferation in fueling criminal activities such as oil theft, illegal crude oil refining, and kidnapping in the Niger Delta region.

In a statement issued by Henshaw Ogubike, Director of Information and Public Relations, the Minister’s remarks were made during his keynote address at the 13th National Security Seminar 2024, organized by the Alumni Association of the National Defence College in Abuja.

The seminar served as a crucial platform for discussing pressing national security issues and fostering collaboration among stakeholders to address them effectively.

Badaru emphasized the gravity of crude oil theft and illegal refining, labeling them as serious crimes against the nation’s economy and its citizens.

He asserted the government’s unwavering stance against such criminal activities and stressed the need for decisive action.

Under the theme “Curbing Oil Theft and Illegal Crude Oil Refining in Nigeria,” the Minister underscored the urgency of implementing comprehensive strategies to combat these nefarious activities and restore normalcy to affected communities, particularly in the Niger Delta.

“We must continue to broaden the use of appropriate technology in warfare to enhance our situational awareness and execution.

These are essential to ensuring that life in the Niger Delta, especially the host communities, returns to normalcy,” Badaru remarked.

In his address, the Minister commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his dedication to national security and acknowledged the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces and other security agencies in addressing insecurity in Nigeria.

He attributed the significant increase in crude oil production to the relentless efforts of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Badaru also expressed gratitude to Tinubu for his support towards enhancing the Armed Forces, attributing the recorded successes to the President’s Renewed Hope Agenda on national security.

Additionally, he praised the Alumni Association of the National Defence College for spotlighting these critical issues and affirmed ongoing efforts to achieve the desired national objectives in combating oil theft and insecurity in the Niger Delta region.