• Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Daystar Power celebrates one year anniversary of partnering with Nigerian Bottling Company on solar power provision

Technology transfer and capacity building for renewable energy deployment in Nigeria

With over 3MW of installed solar power capacity, NBC is the largest Nigerian manufacturer using renewable energy to power its factories.

LAGOS, 30 July 2021 — Daystar Power, a leading provider of hybrid solar power solutions to businesses in West Africa, announced the one year anniversary of the installation of a 950kWp solar power solution for Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC)’s Abuja plant. The solar power solution marked the Coca-Cola bottler and distributor’s adoption of renewable energy to power its manufacturing operations.

In 2020, NBC partnered with Daystar Power to incorporate solar power into its energy systems at its bottling plants. Daystar Power operates, manages, and maintains the energy installations under its Solar-as-a-Solution (SaaS) model whereby NBC pays a monthly kilowatt/hour tariff with zero upfront costs. After the commissioning of the first solar power project, a 750kWp system at its Maiduguri factory, NBC commissioned the second system at its larger Abuja plant. A rooftop installation, the 950kWp solar power system consists of 330Wp panels and works in tandem with diesel generators and grid power.

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By incorporating renewable energy into its power mix, NBC has reduced its use of costly diesel generators at its factories, while at the same time reducing environmentally harmful carbon emissions.

After the success of the Abuja plant, and smaller Maiduguri project, NBC committed to integrating solar power into more of its factories’ energy systems in partnership with Daystar Power. In 2020, Daystar Power installed a 950kWp solar installation at its Asijere factory and, earlier this year, a 350kWp solar solution at its Challawa (Kano) factory. With solar power projects generating more than 3MW, NBC has one of the largest installed solar capacities among industrial manufacturers in Nigeria.

“As one of Nigeria’s leading manufacturers, NBC has consistently demonstrated its leadership in innovation. Its adoption of hybrid solar to power its bottling plants is no different. We’re delighted to work with NBC in providing clean and affordable power,” said Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO and Co-founder of Daystar Power.

Daystar Power is a leading off-grid power service provider, offering hybrid power solutions to commercial and industrial businesses in West Africa. Daystar Power’s solutions “Solar-as-a-Service” (100% solar power) and “Power-as-a-Service” (hybrid power solutions with battery storage) provide clean and reliable power while significantly reducing clients’ overall power costs.

Daystar Power’s clients pay a flat monthly fee or a variable tariff (per kilowatt hour) for premium power services, which include a power audit and assessment of energy needs, a bespoke proposal, installation, and full operation & maintenance. Clients do not incur any capital expenditure and do not pay up-front costs. By outsourcing the management of their power systems, Daystar Power clients are able to focus more on running their core businesses.

Daystar Power counts the region’s leading industrial and commercial companies among its client base and is active in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Senegal with a representative office in Cote d’Ivoire. Founded in 2017, by the African venture builder Sunray Ventures, Daystar has 29 MW of installed power capacity.
Find out more at http://www.daystar-power.com.