• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Data insecurity: Govt, private enterprises urged to regulate usage of technology

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Government and private enterprises have been urged to double efforts in regulating the usage of technology and internet in the country to prevent data insecurity and leakage.

The call was contained in a survey report conducted by a research agency, Market Trend International (MTI) which was made available to the media.

Executive director, MTI, Victor Ebhomenye in the report, titled, ‘Technology: A tale of two sides’ explained that the rate at which fraudulent activities flood the internet was increasing with the growth in technology, adding that 49 percent of the respondents during the survey claimed to have experienced at least one of the technological insecurities which include phishing, spammed by companies with no previous contact, email hack, bank account hack or used fraudulently, and leaked personal details.

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Ebhomenye observed that Nigerians were skeptical about releasing personal information over the internet.

“Analysis of our technological survey indicate that 47 percent of respondents agree with the notion of being concerned about sharing personal information digitally, while 37 percent do not agree and 16 percent are indifferent.

“This could be said to be as a result of the carelessness of data security organisations in handling customer’s vital and sensitive information.

“Though some claim to be aware of the intended purpose of data collected, others seem to be ignorant. Our survey results reveal 46 percent of respondents being ignorant of what is done with one’s personal information released to data collectors such as service providers, advertisers, retailers, insurers, online vendors, while 43 percent are aware of what happens to their personal information, 11 percent are indifferent,” he said.

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While commending President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for signing the data security bill on 12th of June 2023, he described it as a positive step by the government to check data insecurity and leakage.

He opined that consistent knowledge and awareness of the use of personal information can generate the much-needed trust warranted for the growing world of internet data collection.