• Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Daikin introduces low power consumption chillers to ease global warming effects

Daikin introduces low power consumption chillers to ease global warming effects

As part of its initiatives to mitigate the effects of global warming, one of the leading companies in chiller technology, Daikin, has launched its new generation of air-cooled chillers in the country that are economical on power consumption.

In view of this, the firm has promised to ensure knowledge transfer to Nigerian technicians on the products.

Speaking at an event in Lagos recently to showcase their latest products to the Nigerian market, the Chairman and President, of Daikin, Masaaki Miyatake said a core element of Daikin’s corporate philosophy is that “the company strives to be a leader in applying environmentally friendly practices, with energy efficiency and refrigerant choice as key factors.

“Daikin were among the first to pioneer the use of inverters in air-cooled screw chillers. And today, our next generation of inverter technology makes both comfort and process cooling even more efficient and cost-effective.

“With the highest efficiency at both partial and full load, installers and building owners can give end users better results all year round comfort-with lower noise levels and higher energy efficiency than ever before. For over a decade, hundreds of sites around the world have relied on Daikin inverter is driven single screw compressors to reduce their running costs without compromising on climate comfort or performance.”

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He adds that, “With the EWAD-TZB chiller, Daikin has once again improved the chiller performances by increasing the efficiency of the in-house developed compressor with integrated inverter: WR technology, DC motors,… Further improvements are made by introducing new technologies such as microchannel condenser coils and advanced electronic expansion valves.”

Responding to stakeholders’ questions on localisation of technology and training of Nigerian technicians to handle repairs and maintenance, the Vice-President, Middle East and Africa Sales, Daikin, Tuna Gulenc, said they will keep investigating possibilities of establishing a manufacturing hub in Nigeria within the continent.

He noted that they have established a training center where several installers are being trained to support 11 Nigerian technicians already employed and trained by Daikin.

According to him, their strategy for Africa is localization as they are not just manufacturing companies producing in Japan and exporting to other countries, adding that customers are guaranteed low consumption of power from this new range of products.

He adds that, “How we develop our businesses is that we localised our operations. As a first step in Nigerian we established our office here in Nigeria in 2019 and now we have 11 Nigerian engineers working, trained by Darkin and now spreading the knowledge here. As the next step we are now investigating how we can improve the Nigerian economy by building our training institute here, where we are now training installers and technicians. This is very important to us.

“As the last step, we believe Nigeria is the largest economy and we have to consider certain possibilities on how we can do local manufacturing operations. For us once we take a step is a lifetime commitment because we do not rush but we are investigating and we consider Nigeria as our top priority for manufacturing operations.”