• Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Creative Academy offers youth empowerment through animation industry

Creative Academy offers youth empowerment through animation industry

Del York Creative Academy (DCA) has created a unique opportunity for the sustainable employment and empowerment of young people through the 3D Animation industry.

The programme being implemented through what has been christened the Youth in Animation and Post-Production Initiative (YAPPI), was designed by the Del-York Creative Academy (DCA) to train young people to become master animators who can thrive on the global stage.

Fact checks show that the global Animation industry is valued at over $400 billion dollars and is growing at a cumulative average of 5 percent per annum.

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DCA recalled that the industry’s major pioneers, the Walt Disney’s Studios of the United States, had women as their first animators, a feat the YAPPI programme is trying to recreate with its strong bent for female inclusion in the program.

A statement from DCA, the programme facilitator, through the YAPPI programme said that it aimed to empower 60,000 young people especially women, in the areas of skills development and access to decent, fulfilling jobs and entrepreneurship in what is a high-value industry where sadly, African talent is lagging.

“Young people across Nigeria especially women looking to develop a career and pathway to prosperity for themselves can become successful in this industry by enrolling in the programme. A source from Del-York Creative Academy said.

The programme itself will be implemented by way of intensive online and offline programme modules in 3D animation and post-production and a dedicated mentorship and entrepreneurship track that prepares learners for participation in the global digital arts industry.