• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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Cormart ramps up caramel production to meet demands for seasoning cubes, others

Cormart ramps up caramel production to meet demands for seasoning cubes, others

Cormart Nigeria Limited, one of Nigeria’s chemicals and food raw materials companies, has strengthened its supply of Class III caramel colour to manufacturers of seasoning cubes and food additives in Nigeria and West Africa to meet growing demand.

Michal Warchulinski, poduction manager commenting on the plant’s capacity and output, said: “The state-of-art caramel plant has the capacity to produce 15 Metric Tonnes of caramel colour per shift. Whilst we understand that foods have naturally occurring colours, we are pleased to say that our caramel colour is stable, reliable, and compatible with diverse food processes and/or ingredients with a wide range of applications.”

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Martin Middernacht, executive director of Cormart, reiterated Cormart’s focus on quality.
He said, “Our foremost priority is the quality and safety of our products. Our E150C has gained a solid presence in several popular seasoning cubes nationwide and in West Africa. This shows a good index of our uncompromised caramel quality.”

Johannes Flosbach, Cormart’s General Manager, spoke about the growing demands from the food industry.

He said, “For nearly a demi-decade, Cormart has supplied Class III caramel to food and beverage industries in Nigeria and neighbouring nations. We remain devoted to producing the purest classes of caramel that will give a flawless finish to the desired colour and flavour profile.”

Cormart’s locally produced Class III caramel colour is made with ammonium compounds.

“It is safe, widely used and is neither carcinogenic nor genotoxic. This caramel colour is water soluble and used in varieties of seasoning cubes, food additives, pet foods, baked goods, meat mixes, coffee, beers, and many others,” the company stated.