• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Cleric urges Christians to build culture of integrity

Cleric urges Christians to build culture of integrity

…As ministry marks 50th anniversary in Lagos

The General Superintendent and presiding bishop of Holy Spirit Mission, Charles Ighele, has urged Christians to build a culture of integrity, as the ministry marks its 50th anniversary in Lagos.

“The culture we are building is the culture of integrity and honesty. Integrity is more important to me than anointing, because by their fruits we shall know them, by their behaviour we shall know them,” Ighele said.

Ighele said that the church would try to build the culture of righteousness, by seeking first the kingdom of God. According to him, God’s righteousness and other things shall be added unto the believer, with the power to bring heavenly culture right on earth.

“By the grace of God, I have seen that the most powerful component, the most powerful thing that can drive a man is culture. I went on a three day retreat, and I asked God what I do and God said, you need leadership by inspiration. I have to go into how to change culture; I have already started how to change the culture of this ministry,” Ighele said.

He also urged members of the church to take home the message of culture change embedded in righteousness, honesty and integrity. “As we leave here my message is to get the fruit of the spirit. That is the culture of the kingdom, see how we grow, see how we have better people, in your compound, and let that behavior show that you are a child of God. We are going to lay more emphasis on changing the culture.”

On the Church’s 50th anniversary, Ighele said that the ministry’s outreach programs in the U.S. have been successful on the back of its stand on righteous living. “So, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Church, we are going to see more of this; this is the work that is attracting them, and in the US, we are going to take care of the old, the elderly, care for them, and put them into a community.”

Speaking on the current socio-economic and high cost-of-living challenges in the country, Ighele said that there is a need for the government to pay more attention to the agricultural sector of the country to curb the rising cost of living.

“Nigeria as a nation and the continent of Africa as a whole had been positioned by God to feed the world where we have between 65 to 68 percent arable land which is enough a message. We have nine months of rainfall in a year in Nigeria, while we have three months of rainfall in Gambia. Without any controversy, agriculture is the way out,” he said.