• Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Christmas on a budget: Meals to make with less than ₦10,000

Coming up with a budget can be quite tasking, especially when you are low on cash and eager to make the most out of the little you have during Christmas.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to be your Santa, helping you navigate the challenge of creating a delightful holiday celebration with less than ₦10,000.

Here are meals you can make with less than ₦10,000.

Jollof Rice
What is Christmas without jollof, and who said you can’t make a sumptuous pot of jollof on a budget?

Here’s how:
3 derica of rice at ₦850 each
Pepper mix for ₦1000
Onions for ₦300
3 sachet tomato paste at ₦120 each
Spices and bay leaf for ₦400
½ bottle of vegetable oil for ₦800
Meat ₦2,000 Naira
Turkey ₦2,000 Naira
Seasoning ₦150(you can get the smallest Gino pack)

Edikaikong Soup
1 bottle of palm oil for ₦1000
Ugu (₦500)
Water leaf (₦250)
Crayfish (₦500)
Dry pepper (₦200)
Dry fish (₦1000)
Stockfish head (₦500)
Meat (₦2000)
Ponmo (₦500)
Onions (₦200)
Maggi seasoning (₦150)
Garri 1 paint for ₦1,300

Egusi Soup
For the pounded yam lovers
1 derica of egusi for ₦1,400
Bitter leaf (₦200)
Crayfish (₦400)
Half bottle of oil (₦500)
Fresh pepper and onions (₦500)
Meat (₦2,000 )
Ponmo (₦500)
Dry fish (₦1000)
Stockfish head (₦500)
Maggi seasoning (₦150)

Complete your festive meal with any of these refreshing drinks
LaCasera ₦1,500 for pet pack
Pepsi, Coke and Fanta ₦2,500 each.
Table water ₦1,000

Kindly note that this budget can feed about five adults, and most of the ingredients will be surplus, so you get to save them for future use. Depending on your taste, feel free to buy more or less of each ingredient.
Merry Christmas.