• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Christians urged to deepen personal relationship with God


The President/Overseer, Kingdom Truth For All Nations, USA, Segun Tewogbola, has urged Nigerian Christians to move away from religiosity and deepen personal relationship with God.

“Religion will always make you feel good about yourself when compared to others. It brings you to the state of pseudo – satisfaction, and you get stuck on the same spot of your annual religious ritual,” he said in a statement. Tewogbola, a Bible teacher stated that people are now filled with religious spirit instead of receiving the Holy Spirit like it was in the days of the Apostles.

According to him, it is going to be difficult to call a religious pretender into repentance. He disclosed that except Christians allow the truth in their innermost part, religion is ready to distract them away from the truth of the gospel. “Oftentimes, we see what we are looking for, but we do not see what we are looking at.

This is the story of mere religion which originated from Adam and Eve at the Garden East of Eden. “Let me quickly tell you what religion does to any man (or woman). Calm down and think, why would Adam and Eve cover their nakedness, was there someone looking at their naked body? Okay if there was no one else, were they covering their nakedness from God?

According to Tewogbola, religious minds like Adam and Eve are more concerned about how people see them than how God sees them. He stated that they are more concerned and are absorbed by the accolades and the praises of men. “How long can the fig leave last on them before they wither off? My friend, when you compare your white garment to that of your neighbor, you may feel better because yours is whiter – That is religion! “But when you compare your white garment to that of the Almighty God, you are humbled – That is Spiritual! Where God is looking for a relationship, man will hide himself away into deep religion. God never gave any religion to Adam but gave him a task (job) and demanded a relationship from him,” he stated.

Tewogbola stated further that Christians should not allow the Devil to rejoice upon their ignorance. According to him, Adam and Eve would have used all the fig leaves in the garden if not for God who came with the coat of skin (Salvation) to replace the almost withered fig leaves (religion) on their bodies. “My friend, as an antichrist is to Christ, so is religion to salvation.

Contrary to the popular opinion, as antichrist stands instead of Christ, so does religion instead of salvation! “The prayer of the Pharisee and of the tax collector in the temple was a type and shadow of religion and spirituality. The Pharisee sipped his happiness from the comparisons he made with the tax collector,” he stated.