• Monday, February 26, 2024
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Chinwe Egwim launches book to promote economy

Chinwe Egwim launches book to promote economy

Chinwe Egwim, an economist has launched a new book, Super E: The Inflation Smackdown, aimed at promoting economic literacy among young adults.

The occasion was an opportunity for attendees to delve into the world of economics and gain a deeper understanding of inflation through the captivating journey of Chichi, Fola, Rukky, Sadiq and their friends, as well as Super E, a superhero economist who makes complex economic ideas simple and relatable to children.

Egwim, also the author of “Understanding Economic Jargon,” has demonstrated her commitment to accessible education through her ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between financial literacy and young adults.

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The event featured a dynamic panel discussion with experienced adults sharing insights on the power of economic literacy, they discussed how understanding economics could be a superpower in itself.

Eniabitobi Akeredolu, the teenage keynote speaker highlighted the potential impact of “Super E” on understanding economics and inflation.

This was followed by a children’s panel of brilliant young minds who took the stage to unravel their understanding of the “inflation smackdown.” Their perspectives brought a refreshing and insightful twist, proving that economic wisdom knows no age.

The event hosted notable figures, a blend of professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, and public figures. The soft book launch was supported by esteemed partners and sponsors.