Children need stronger platforms to explore their talents, create world of possibilities – Dakolo

Timi Dakolo, a Nigerian songwriter and singer, has urged Nigerian parents and guardians to help their children reach their potential by exposing them to the needed platforms to help in creating a world of possibilities around them.

“They are being expressive; that is one thing that every child needs. The ability to express themselves irrespective of their age; it opens their mind to possibilities – like anything is possible and that someone supports me. If you know that you have the backing of your parents, you will not limit how far you can go – for a child, that is very important,” Dakolo said during the second edition of the Children concert organised by Evolution Children’s Choir (ECC), held recently at the Logic Centre, Lekki, Lagos.

Dakolo, who is one of the ECC patrons, said exposing children to platforms like the ECC helps in building their confidence, which in turn allows the children to explore their talent with a mindset of doing whatever they want to do.

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Speaking further on the need to mentor and help the children pursue their dreams in music, Dakolo said that there has always been hope in Nigeria. He however, insisted that more established artists must devote more resources mentoring them.

“There’s always been hope, is just that we should not let this dream die; people have to follow them up. One of the best things is to just give them the light; show them the light, and the rest is up to them. I love the initiative,” he said.

Philip Yahweh, convener, Evolution Children’s Choir (ECC), said the concert was birthed to create opportunities for children in every genre of music.

How thanked the parents for their commitment to helping the children learn all through their rehearsals. “They sacrifice their time, week in, week out,” he said.

Cheema performed the song ‘What a beautiful name’ with the Evolution Children’s Choir; while Naomi Mac, Kingdom and Precious performed with the ECC back-up.

The performance was rounded off with a special rendition of Michael Jackson’s heal the world by Timi Dakolo, Cheema, Precious, Kingdom, Naomi Mac, Joxie, kid sensation Ebun, and Jeremiah, the kid saxophonist, along with the Evolution Children’s Choir.

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