• Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Chi farms upgrades its GPS farm to evolve with global best standards

Chi farms upgrades its GPS farm to evolve with global best standards

Chi Farms Ltd., a member of the TGI Group and a leading agribusiness company in Nigeria, has upgraded its Grandparent Stock (GPS) farm by modernizing its pen houses and hatcheries, in order to continuously evolve with global best standards.

The farm located in Sangobiyi village, along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, was upgraded in collaboration with three international partners – Aviagen Group, Hendrix, and Petersime.

Ananda Raj, Business Head – Poultry Marketing and Sales, Chi Farms, spoke about the company’s innovation to improve its poultry operation. “Our hatching of Great Grandparent Stock eggs required the improvement of our hatchery equipment in environmentally controlled houses to hatch into GPS, PS eggs, broilers, and layer breeds. Our focus on improving the safety of the eggs and the hatching capabilities is tantamount to our commitment to quality production.”

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He further commented, “We have a strict biosecurity protocol and a well-balanced, formulated feed for the GPS at different stages. This meets the requirement of birds while adhering to Aviagen and Hendrix guidelines.”

Tunji Olaitan, managing director, Chi Farms, commented on the company’s focus on quality service and its position in the Nigerian Market. “Being the only active GPS farm and the major supplier of Parent Stock day-old Chicks in the country, we are well-positioned in both the broiler and layer breeder market.

“Our supply of PS eggs to breeder farms all over the country sets out the responsibility for quality service in our operation”, he said.

The broiler and layer breeds, Arbor Acre Plus from Aviagen and ISA Brown from Hendrix, are reared in environmentally controlled houses to give maximum comfort to the birds.

Chi Farms has been in business for close to three decades and has grown steadily, offering products and services in the Nigerian Agricultural sector, while employing innovative approaches and technologies.

Over the years, Chi Farms has strengthened and diversified its product ranges and services in poultry, aquaculture, fish feed, cattle breeding and fattening, meat and meat processing. It also offers a range of other services including technical support services, laboratory services, and training institutes for capacity building and manpower development.