• Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Checklist: Visa-free countries for Nigerians

Nigerian passport remains one of the world’s least powerful in 2024

The Henley Passport Index, a global passport-ranking website, released its latest rankings on Thursday. According to the index, Nigeria is positioned 95th out of 104 countries with the most powerful passports.

Nigeria is surpassed by Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Morocco, Benin Republic, and Namibia, which are ranked at 76th, 83rd, 67th, 65th, 71st, 79th, and 65th, respectively. The index also notes that Nigerians currently enjoy visa-free access to approximately 45 countries.

Here are 45 visa-free countries for Nigeria passport holders

1. Barbados

2. Benin

3. Burkina Faso

4. Burundi

5. Cambodia

6. Cameroon

7. Cape Verde Islands

8. Chad

9. Comoro Islands

10. Cook Islands

11. Cote d’Ivoire

12. Djibouti

13. Dominican Republic

14. Fiji

15. Ghana

16. Guinea

17. Guinea-Bissau

18. Haiti

19. Iran

20. Kenya

21. Kiribati

22. Lebanon

23. Liberia

24. Madagascar

25. Maldives

26. Mali

27. Mauritiana

28. Mauritius

29. Micronesia

30. Montserrat

31. Mozambique

32. Niger

33. Niue

34. Palau Islands

35. Rwanda

36. Samoa

37. Senegal

38. Sierra Leone

39. Somalia

40. St. Kitts and Nevis

41. The Gambia

42. Timor-Leste

43. Togo

44. Tuvalu

45. Vanuatu

It’s crucial to recognize that the duration and purpose of Nigerian citizens’ stays in other countries are governed by the visa regulations of those nations.

Individuals holding Nigerian passports should verify whether a visa is required for extended stays or for purposes not covered by the destination country’s Visa Waiver Policy.

Also, the visa-free destinations mentioned for Nigerian passport holders are subject to change based on visa agreements, temporary travel restrictions, and entry requirements established by countries.

It is advisable to check for additional requirements or temporary restrictions imposed by your travel destination before your trip, as these conditions may vary.