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Centre for Righteous Living urges govt to address rising cost-of- living crisis

Beyond the decline: Examining Nigeria’s path to economic stability

Centre for Righteous Living (CRIL), a Lagos-based not-for-profit Christian organisation, has urged the Federal Government to urgently address the rising cost-of-living crisis before it results into anarchy.

“The nation, Nigeria, is in a state of chaos due to insecurity and food scarcity occasioned by the new administration’s new policy that skyrocketed the price of fuel. However, many saw the need for the policy but criticised the execution.

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“If the government fails to sort out ways of freedom and arrest the situation; what will follow may be difficult to control. Anarchy may result,” Solomon Aderibigbe Adegbolagun, president, CRIL, said in a statement tagged, ‘Deliverance for Nigeria’ made available to BusinessDay.

To deliver the nation from the impending chaos, the Centre listed some actions that Nigerians must implement to prevent the free fall of the Naira and other socio-economic challenges currently facing the country.

According to CRIL, religious leaders must stop their blame game and adopt a strategy that can help in saving the country from sinking.

“The religious leaders must with their followers cry up to God to deliver Nigeria as the disciples did. Jesus in response stilled the storm,” he said.

According to the Centre, religious leaders must leverage Ramadan and Lent, as a season of reverence, fasting, and somberness, in seeking divine solutions to Nigeria’s challenges.

“During the process, God will reveal the ways out if we pray in faith with clean hands and pure hearts,” he said.

The Centre also urged traditional rulers to stop spreading negative information about the government.

Accordingly, it stated that while traditional rulers speak truth to power and suggest ways out through the instrumentality of their office, they must be positive about the government.

“You cannot afford to bring down the nation by your unguided words. Today’s problem is a long time problem not created by this government. But we voted for them because they promised they can fix the problem. Therefore, let’s give the government a reasonable time to perform. After all, the president said that it will be difficult initially. But the latter will be glorious,” CRIL stated.

Speaking further on ways the government can win the people over, the Centre stated that the government should be honest and truthful with Nigerians. It also urged the government to organise regular meetings with the people to explain both the successes and failures of the administration.

The Centre also urged the government to look beyond politics to engage the services of all Nigerian experts across all political parties and creeds.

“Government must be seen to be actively sorting out the people’s immediate problems. Government must be seen running the state with frugality. All expenses must relate to the current financial situation. The size of government should be reduced to reflect current realities,” CRIL advised.

The Centre also called for collaboration on the part of all Nigerians to rescue the country from the imminent collapse occasioned by the free fall of the Naira and the rising cost-of-living pushing more Nigerians into multidimensional poverty.

“Those are the things to do, while waiting carefully with elastic endurance for the next election when we would use our voting rights to replace them and bring in our dream leaders. Failure to do this will only elongate our sufferings and increase our suffering. Working together, we shall deliver our nation from food and personal insecurities.

“I strongly appeal to all Nigerians that we should be patriotic and willing to sacrifice for our nation this time around. Let’s cooperate with the current administration, knowing full well that it’s all of us pulling in the same direction that can take us out of this period of food and personal insecurity,” Adegbolagun said.


Beyond being knowledgeable, you need to walk in God’s path to be successful – Denloye

Seyi John Salau

Enitan Denloye, the Regional Director of Meta (Facebook) Africa, has challenged individuals seeking personal and career success to consider a personal walk with God as a critical factor in a successful career path.

According to him, walking in God’s path as a believer will lead the individual on the way to go.

“You always need to understand that He’s just the source. It’s about walking in line with God’s purpose. It’s important to give God all the glory back – that is the blueprint for me,” Denloye said.

Denloye was the guest on The Real Men; CEO Series, a virtual interview show powered by Powerhouse Ministries International, and co-hosted by Dipo Denloye, Regilio Kabelefodi, and Douglas Moore live on Facebook and YouTube every fortnight. The second edition of the CEO Series with Enitan Denloye was held on Tuesday February 20.

Denloye, who is from a Christian family in the city of Ibadan, was raised by a single mother. According to him, her personal life experiences propelled him to always want to achieve more through life.

“I saw hard work in her; she always had two jobs and learnt early in life that hard work pays.”

He also disclosed that he learnt the act of giving, helping and inspiring others from his mother, and that he is always in a constant mode of thanksgiving.

He said further that his Christian background made him to recognise that faith is important in personal and career trajectory, and that he is a strong believer in the God factor, which he considers to be very important.

“Never be afraid of failure – we can learn through it.”

Speaking to his career challenge, he said, “There are times God will take you through an unconventional role to get to His purpose for your life.”

While giving interview tips for the participants, Denloye said that interviewees must learn to say no, whenever they consider the offer below their standard.

“You have to know what’s in it for you. Play to your strength and it takes faith. Understand your value proposition and pick the job. Pray for God to guide you and also do research on your interviewers,” he said.

Speaking to his personal life and the connection between personality and professional trajectory, Denloye said: “I can be very intent and very intentional. Overtime, I have been able to channel the intentionality and have understood the importance of channeling it. I always tell people I would not be 10 percent as successful as I am today if God didn’t give me the wife He gave me.”

At 47, Denloye disclosed that he is preparing for a life of giving back, while his immediate plan for the future is to bring more people closer to God.

“Am super convinced 50 is the year of giving back. The legacy is to get clarity in the next three years. Prayerfully, I am asking God for clarity,” he said.

Speaking to his trajectory and the impact of faith and the God factor on his career in general, Denloye disclosed that, “the happiest and most fulfilling part of my life is the period when I was in the prayer department in the City of David, because it was God’s plan”.

Dipo Denloye, the host of the Real Men, CEO Series, in reaction to Enitan’s career trajectory and belief, said, “It is not knowing that brings success, but doing. If it needs to be God; God will make a way – God can do it.”


God First Ministry celebrates Isaac Idahosa at 59


The New Down center of God First Ministry was recently filled to capacity as friends and members of the Church gathered to celebrate the birthday of Isaac Idahosa, the archbishop designate of the ministry on his 59th birth anniversary.

The occasion was also used to celebrate the recent victory of Abba Kabir Yusuf, governor of Kano state and his New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) at the Supreme Court. Representatives from the Kano state government were present to rejoice with Idahosa via the victory of Abba Yusuf.

“We are thrilled by this election victory, and I am personally elated to celebrate my 59th birthday. Life is a gift and I thank God not only for my birthday but also for my brother Kabir’s vindication and the restoration of his mandate,” Idahosa stated.

The clergyman also urged Nigerians to exercise patience with the president over the current cost-of-living crisis on the back of his diligent efforts to deliver renewed hope to Nigerians. He also emphasized the necessity of wisdom to revive the nation’s economy and transform it into a strong, developed entity.

“We have prayed for this success, and we are grateful that God answered our prayers. We also celebrate Archbishop Idahosa’s 59th birthday, thanking God for using him as a vessel to impact both the congregation and society at large,” Mojisola Okonkwo, stated, expressing joy over the victory.

According to her, God First Ministry is actively involved in a building project that involved the construction of a five-thousand-capacity hall to enhance worship experiences in the church. She stated that the ministry also contributes to community welfare through scholarships and support for orphanages, which embodies a commitment to charitable service.

John Osa-Oni, general overseer, Vineyard Christian Ministries and national vice president, South-West, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) presided over the cake-cutting ceremony, and NNPP Edo State Governorship aspirant, Peter Oghegbuele, praised Idahosa as a mentor and diligent gentleman.

While Joseph Ojo, the presiding Archbishop of Calvary kingdom Church (CKC), prayed for Idahosa’s continued well-being, recognising his pivotal role as a leader in the body of Christ.