• Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Buhari describes Europe gas plan as hypocrisy 

Buhari to hand next president more insecure Nigeria -045254_Instagram

President Mohammed Buhari has described the gas plan of the UK and European Union as nothing short of being hypocritical.

He chided the EU and UK for not showing sincerity in the gas plan project of the country in such a way that it benefits both parties in the long term.

He advised that instead of the west concentrating on inconsistencies and contradictions in green energy policy, a strategic partnership that sees all parties as equals is what is needed, especially now that they plan to exit the Russian gas supply.

“Investment is hampered by their broad-brush moratorium on overseas gas projects, while at home the same projects are classified as green. It does not help their energy security, it does not help Nigeria’s economy, and it does not help the environment. It is a hypocrisy that must end, ” he said in a question and answer session with Bloomberg recently.

“To change, the UK and EU countries should invest in our planned 4000 km pipeline to bring Nigerian gas – the largest reserves in Africa – via Morocco, then onto Europe.” The president concluded by advising Europe to take advantage of the vast gas reserves in the country that, if exported through the $13 billion Trans Sahara Gas Pipeline (TSGP) project, will help address the current energy crisis and reduce dependency on Russia.