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Beyond Survival: Developing Actionable Strategies for Success in an Era of Negative Growth

Beyond Survival: Developing Actionable Strategies for Success in an Era of Negative Growth

Professor John Peters, Professor Christian Stadler and Samer Chidiac In times as challenging as these, organisations need leaders to inspire the implementation of timely and practical strategic insights, effective navigation of uncertainties and to help them achieve sustainable success in the face of unprecedented volatility.

Prepare and equip yourself and your leaders for the long road ahead with Texem UK’s 2-day senior executive development programme on Beyond Survival: developing actionable strategies for success in an era of negative growth.

This programme would leverage TEXEM, UK’s impeccable pedigree of helping organisations to win and its world-renowned faculties such as Professor Christian Stadler (Warwick business school, UK) and Professor John Peters (Former Royal Air force fighter, Prisoner of war, Top World Leadership Speaker and Chair of Association of MBAs). In addition, this programme will attract highly experienced corporate leaders like Samer Chidiac who is Regional Director & Resident Chief Innovation Officer, Microsoft Technology Centers across MEA; thus, you and your team will learn practical strategies to give your organisations the best chances of achieving sustainable, profitable growth.
Date: 7-8 October 2020
Cost: After a 50% discount, the programme fee is N401,000 (covers study materials, lecture and certificate)
Venue: Live Virtual and Engaging sessions

Professor Chris Stadler, Professor of Strategy, Warwick Business School)
Chris Stadler is an authority on strategic management, and he lectures on the subject at Warwick business school. He has held similar teaching positions at the University of Bath School of management, Tuck school of business at Dartmouth, and Innsbruck University. He is the publisher of the Bestselling book Enduring Success published by Stanford University Press.

After devoting a significant part of his career to studying how long-established corporations grow, adapt, and consistently beat their competition, Christian gained extensive knowledge on strategic long-term success initiatives. His work has featured in the Harvard business review, wall street journal, Sloan management review, CNN, and the BBC.

John Peters (Professor of Business Administration, Former; RAF and Chair of Association of MBAs)

John is the former chair of the association of MBAs and a top speaker on leadership. A British War hero who was tortured during the first gulf war. A documentary on his life which underscores his resilience and ability to turn around adversity to opportunity has been nominated for a BAFTA award and won the Independent documentary of the year. An experienced speaker with global acclaim, John was the sole reader representing the British armed forces before her majesty the queen at the national gulf memorial service. He also followed nelson Mandela on stage in South Africa and received a standing ovation.
John has a master’s degree in business administration and is credited with a groundbreaking cultural change programme in the RAF received the 1999 flight international aerospace industry award for training and safety. Since he departed from the RAF, he has been a performance coach and business consultant to corporate leaders. He is incredibly effective at motivating and inspiring audiences, always leaving them with an inspired sense of purpose and a greater understanding of how to adapt to unexpected change.
Samer Chidiac who is Regional Director & Resident Chief Innovation Officer, Microsoft Technology Centers across MEA

A Chief Innovation Officer, Business Psychologist, International Expert & Speaker on Strategic Innovation & Digital Transformation with an extensive regional experience of more than 19 years covering 20 countries in the Middle East & Africa.
Living an influential life where his thoughts, visions, and teachings reach more than 500+ thousand followers from around the world on a daily basis through Books, Articles, Quotes, Podcasts and Social Interactions, along with International Speaking engagements on topics related to Innovation, Strategy, Motivation & Technology.

Currently, SC is the Regional Director & resident Chief Innovation Officer of the Microsoft Technology Centers across the Middle East & Africa based out of Dubai. Formerly, SC was Chief Innovation & Future Specialist at The Government of Dubai, Based at the Office of the Director-General & Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads & Transport Authority.Themes to be covered
● Developing an innovative mindset for organisational success
● Evaluating, innovating, and transforming the business model
● Creating an innovative and profitable organisation through culture, structure, and strategy
● The superiority of an ambidextrous organisation: lessons from case studies
● Elevating speed and creativity and embracing frugality, scale, and enhanced performance
● Moving outside the conventional activities of learning

The purpose of this course is to enable you, and your organisation navigate the challenging conditions that often come with an economic recession. Given Texem’s professional experience in both the private and public sector, it is the ideal choice for your organisation’s future. More specifically, this programme will help you;
● Build your strategic leadership quotient in prosperity and adversity.
● Learn to identify and cultivate opportunities in the digital era.
● Leverage analytics to make you a better strategic leader
● Learn how to make effective decisions in turbulent times for profitable growth
● Develop your capacity as a more impactful, strategic leader
● Optimise your decision-making skills for success in challenging times
● Learn strategies to help you excel in crises and achieve positive performance in turbulent times.

Who should attend?
Participants will include Chairs of Boards, CEOs, Senior Executives, Directors, General managers in the public and private sectors. Others would include division leaders whose duties involve the business acquisition, business strategy, and operations management.
Delegates could also include experienced leaders and executives who are responsible for generating growth in established mid-sized and large organisations from a variety of backgrounds such as operations, research, human resources, finance, and marketing.
Register now at https://www.texem.co.uk/programmes/beyond-survival-developing-actionable-strategies-for-success-in-an-era-of-negative-growth.html
Participating in Texem’s programmes grants, you access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from world-renowned scholars and corporate leaders.
Upon your registration for this live online learning experience, you’ll have the freedom to interact with a vibrant global network of peers who will help you grow as a leader and help your organisation win.

Commenting on the programme that he would be delivering Professor Christian Stadler said: “The three topics that I will deliver are linked, and I intend to start looking at crisis (like COVID-19) at the beginning to set the ground. Having established how you can avoid failure in such challenging times and even take decisions that can help you to excel in future years, I will then move on to the other two topics. I will introduce participants to a particular tool that will only be available to the wider world autumn 2021 in an MIT Press Book I am writing together with IMP, a German consulting firm. This tool will help companies to develop a nightmare competitor and based on this a business model that sets them for success in a manner that I suspect is new to them: an open strategy process. It’s a little like open Innovation on steroids, particularly developed for strategy”. While Professor John Peters said :

“The African economy is facing a downturn, if not a complete recession for the next 12-24 months. Besides the fact that leading indicators such as GDP have softened in most countries, African organisations are facing dramatic forex fluctuations, Negative growth, Operating income shortages, low morale, and diminishing productivity.

If history serves as a guide, most leaders will prepare too little, too late, and too conservatively. Yet slowdowns bring tremendous opportunities despite the challenges.

Organisations can benefit competitively during and after the recession, and a common set of actions can bring about that success which this programme will help organisations achieve this and more”.