• Monday, June 24, 2024
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Automotive sector the lowest employer of labour – Autochek CEO


Etop Ikpe,Chief Executive Officer, Autochek Africa, noted that the automotive sector is the lowest employer of labour.

He said this at the CEO forum hosted by Businessday on July 13,2023, at Eko Hotel,

“The automotive sector is usually the lowest employment of labor because they require a high technical skill set.The automotive value chain has manufacturing as the only focus but the manufacturing segment is just one part of the ecosystem that has taken like 100 Years to evolve,” Ikpe said.

For him, without the required mobility to market goods and services, staff around you can’t fulfill your strategy.

Ikpe noted that mobility is what a lot of nations hold in high esteem, and no nation that is serious about its country plays with its automotive sector.

“The First Model T as a case study and said that it stands at record as the most produced vehicle ever, it was a driver of the economic boom which made the US what it was. It has the mobility to drive economic stability,” Ikpe said.

He highlighted that Logistics has to be fulfilled and across any industrialized economy there are constantly moving vehicles to be fulfilled. At the end, there is a natural recycling that occurs.

“There’s a need for a high and thriving mobility sector to support industrialisation,” Ikpe said.