• Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Arrive Alive opens diagnostic centre for COVID-19 testing

Arrive Alive

To ensure effective, reliable and fast delivery of covid-19 results, Arrive Alive Diagnostics & Imaging Services (AADIS) has opened a new diagnostic centre dedicated to testing the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

The centre, due to its highly advanced equipment, is able to deliver PCR test results within 6 hours of sample collection, a process that would normally take others 24- 48 hours to achieve.

Speaking on the reasons for creating the new site, located at Ikoyi, Maame Fuwaa Antwi-Gyamfi, Director, AADIS said, “We identified gaps in COVID-19 PCR testing which include long turnaround times as well as cumbersome registration and results tracking processes.”

Hope Agbodzakey, Laboratory Consultant, AADIS noted that the tests take a maximum of 10 minutes to be concluded in the facility. According to him, the centre offers premises testing, home services, services for corporate institutions and drive-in services.

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“For home service packages, the moment we get your details, we come along with your ID, which is a personal bar code generated after registration. We confirm your identity, take your sample and put that Bar code on your sample,” he said.

He noted that to prevent falsified results, the centre ensures that samples are well packaged, adding that staff has been properly trained on how to collect and package samples. “Sample collectors are trained on biosafety issues. Hence, they ensure samples are taken, stored and transported to the laboratory without contamination.”

He added that the service is valued at Lagos standardised price, which is N50, 400.

Lilian Vincent, Laboratory Manager speaking about the advanced technology used in the facility said “By the establishment of the Ikoyi COVID testing centre, we are able to fill these gaps with our robust IT infrastructure, state-of-the-art PCR equipment and evidence-based improved work processes.”

“What we hope to achieve with this is efficiency. We are bringing convenience to the entire testing process and aim to give all our clients quality services that will exceed their expectations.”

Vincent noted that the centre is dedicated solely to COVID-19 testing and the location is to help curb distance challenges especially for those who stay far and need to take the test for various reasons including travelling.

“Arrive Alive is under the leadership of experienced medical doctors, scientists, and other health professionals,” she added.

The Surulere diagnostic centre of Arrive Alive serves as a sample collection centre for COVID-19 PCR testing to increase accessibility to clients. All other diagnostic services are available at the Surulere premises.