• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Army secures release of abducted students in Sokoto

Nigerian authorities secured the release of 17 students and a woman abducted from a religious school in Sokoto state two weeks ago.

The kidnapping at the Tsangaya school on March 9th comes amidst a surge in abductions targeting educational institutions in northern Nigeria. The incident follows the mass abduction of schoolchildren in Kaduna just days earlier, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

According to a statement released by the Sokoto state government, the students were freed Friday in a joint operation involving the Nigerian Army and the National Security Advisor’s office. Details surrounding the rescue mission were not disclosed.

“The children have been located unharmed and will be promptly reunited with their families,” the statement confirmed.

Liman Abubakar Bakuso, the school’s proprietor, revealed he was enroute to the state capital to facilitate the students’ return. “There were no ransom negotiations,” Bakuso told Reuters. “Neither myself nor the families were approached regarding ransom payments.”

The abduction of students for ransom by criminal gangs has become a recurrent threat in northern Nigeria. These acts disrupt communities and place a significant financial strain on families, who are often forced to sell assets to secure their loved ones’ release.