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Aptech in Port Harcourt, says IT will pave way for discerning youths, professionals

Aptech in Port Harcourt, says IT will pave way for discerning youths, professionals

Aptech Computer Education group has stormed the Garden City to join in the push to redirect the prowess of the Niger Delta youths to human capital development.

Aptech, which was founded in India over 36 years ago, is said to have arrived in Nigeria some 20 years ago with centres in Surulere, Victoria Island and Abuja.

The Chief Operating Officer (COO), Sajan Rohan Suvarna, told BusinessDay in an exclusive interview in his office at Gen Diriya Street in the GRA 1 area of Port Harcourt that the company is positive about the future of Port Harcourt’s business environment and Information Technology (IT).

A handful of IT buffs and well-wishers filled the mini hall of the complex where the property owner, Efe Okah, gave exhortations and wished the company well, saying the centre would work to propel the youths of the region to high levels of human capital development.

Addressing the audience, Survana said IT is the future and it is that future that Aptech is bringing to Port Harcourt.

He said: “We think people everywhere need cutting-edge technology today. Most people would like to know Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, etc. These are something asked for across jobs. We are offering that to Port Harcourt.

“We also provide courses that allow students to move to the UK and complete their degrees in Middlesex University in the UK. Today, they can take their work permit, once they graduate, they can live their lives in the UK or they can come back to Nigeria to do their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme and continue their careers here in Nigeria. That is what we bring to Port Harcourt.”

Showing how the centre could help degree holders, the COO said since what Aptech provides is IT education, if an engineer wants to move to IT career, he can take short programmes that can help him move into the IT field; coding, AI, machine learning, Java, Apps.

“We have the other branch called ARENA. It is multimedia programme where we teach auto-card, digital printing, animation, etc, which are good for movies and graphics.“

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He said Aptech group is willing to work with the government to teach the youths and help anybody that wants to upscale their knowledge in the field of IT. “We have a lot of short-term courses for start-ups. We have basic courses to help people get good jobs. The schools learn only the basics of computer but we offer many more such as AI, software applications, etc. We encourage short programmes in this part of the country.”

Survana noted that most schools may offer computer as a course, but that Aptech was way up in offering IT solutions that the oil region would find very useful in the transformation value chain.

“Our certificates come from India and they are recognized in many countries and they help you to get visa. The certificates are recognized worldwide and are important when you apply for visa. Anybody can verify Aptech certificates by Google. They are certified. The certificates show you are certified and it comes with a lot of things.’

He said physical training is the way to go for now because of hitches in teaching IT online. “Online was done during Covid-19 pandemic, but the experience was not palatable with network issues for both the students and Aptech. This caused break in lessons. The experience was not good. It is better the students get full exposure to the lectures. There can be a time when online can help. All our materials are online. You can download them for life.”

He mentioned pricing advantages offered to Port Harcourt. “We have special prices for Port Harcourt. Some are as low as N70,000 and some are up to N2m. It depends on the course you want. You also have good payment plans. You can pay in 18 months. We have very friendly payments methods.”

Each institute or learning centre, he stated, has its own quality. Some ask why we are charging 70,000 instead of 20,000. Our prices are lower than the rates in big centres.

Some bring down the fees but what they will offer will not take the student anyway. You have exams from India you have to write and they are online. So, if you don’t learn well, you will have problems with the exams.

“Some courses are as high as N4m elsewhere and they pay like N1m per year; but we charge N2m for a two-year course. Another advantage is that you have the opportunity to do your degree outside the country. There are many other benefits for studying at Aptech; working abroad, certification, payment plans, etc. We encourage young people to embrace this centre.”

Talking to Niger Delta youths, the COO said: “IT is the future. If you take any aspect of life, medical, mechanical, you meet IT. It is going to be a large part of anybody’s life. There is nothing you can do about that. These are life plans and career. Knowledge of IT is a long term planning for your life.

Even people that are learning similar things like Microsoft, etc, today, they are placed far higher than their expectations. Anybody looking for the future and long term solution to whatever he is doing today should look to IT.’