• Monday, April 22, 2024
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‘Appear nice, smell nice’, US doctor advises Nigerians abroad on beating racism

Racism (2)

A Nigerian-trained doctor in the US has taken to the internet to advise Nigerians on ways to beat racism, which he calls “Unconscious bias.”

Arinze Onwumelu, who is an emergency and family physician in Canada having moved from the UK, said that Nigerians and black people are victims of racial profiling and prejudicial segregation in the West, especially in Europe because of their background, national identity and skin colour which worsens the higher they get in their profession.

“The truth is, as a black person in the West, you already have a 30% deficit against the whites. You have to work 3 times harder than the locals to get to where they are…People always question you when you look different. People always question you when you’re black,” he said.

According to him, appearance, skill and identity largely determine how Nigerians are treated and have to be taken seriously for them to be taken seriously.

“If you’re going for an interview as a black person, you already have -30%. Take your appearance very seriously. Dress well, smell well. If you can speak their accent to fit in, do…Don’t joke with any of those little things.”

Onwumelu, who wears “Dr, Lenard Onwumelu” on his tag says he had to omit some of his Nigerian identity to get job interviews in the UK and US, as advised by his then-supervisor. “The moment I did that, I had about seven interviews in one week.”

Onwumelu, who believes status influences reputation, advised necessary steps to improve position to gain respect.

“Appear nice, smell nice, live in nice places, drive good cars. drive good cars, put your schools in good schools. Don’t try and be modest like the Oyibos, walk with your head high. If they bully your kids, stand your ground. Show them shege.

“It’s not racism. It’s just life. It won’t stop you from attaining great heights. Just use it as a motivator,” he said