• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Anambra to shut down fuel stations over price, pump adjustments

Anambra to shut down fuel stations over price, pump adjustments

The Anambra State Government has warned petroleum product marketers in the State against engaging in fraudulent activities such as price escalation, fuel adulteration, and metre tampering.

The Government has vowed to take stringent measures against those involved in such activities following the receipt of numerous complaints by the State Ministry of Petroleum regarding unethical practices of petroleum marketers.

The complaints included reports of marketers tampering with metres, adulterating fuel, and engaging in shady deals.

Consequently, Anthony Ifeanya, Commissioner for Petroleum and Mineral Resources, said the Government would begin strict monitoring of fuel stations across the State.

Speaking in Awka, the state capital, Ifeanya confirmed that the Ministry had finalized preparations for the measure, expressing
concern over the sale of petrol at inflated prices, with some stations selling fuel between N830 and N840 using adjusted pumps.

Additionally, there had been reports of fuel adulteration in order to maximize profits as Ifeanya said that the Government was conducting an exercise to apprehend any filling station operators found tampering with their metres.