• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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All you need to know about the US Agricultural Work Visa 2024

All you need to know about the US Agricultural Work Visa 2024

A recent survey by the USDA Economic Research Service revealed that in 2022, agricultural jobs made up 10.4% of American employment and accounted for 22.1 million full and part-time jobs. Despite this vast opportunity, the US agricultural sector is facing skill shortages in 2024, creating opportunities for international job seekers.

Visa options

Here are 4 visa options available for your agricultural aspiration in the US, knowing what option works best for you will open the right doors to a wealth of opportunities.

H-2A visa

The H-2A visa is ideal if you are looking to engage in seasonal agricultural jobs such as planting, cultivating and harvesting. This visa is only eligible for up to one year, with possible extension, and it is very easy to obtain in comparison to other visa types. The con of this visa is that it is temporary and doesn’t lead to permanent residency.

H-2B visa

This visa type is suitable for a range of jobs that are not strictly classified as agriculture, but are essential to the industry such as nursery farming or landscaping. Its disadvantage is that it is very competitive and limited in availability. This visa lasts for a year and extensions are only possible in some cases.

TN visa

While it is only exclusive to Canadian and Mexican citizens and limited to certain professional categories, the TN visa has a less rigorous application process and a relatively quicker approval time. It lasts for 3 years after which it is renewable.

EB-3 visa

The EB-3 visa is for skilled workers, professionals , and other workers seeking permanent residency in the US. It is the ideal visa option for long-term employment and citizenship. The downside to this visa option is that it requires a job offer and labor certification and it has a time-consuming application process.

Average salary

The average agricultural salary in the USA is $55,007 (₦47,306,020) per year or $26.45 (₦22,747) per hour. Entry level positions start at $37,942 (₦32,630,120) per year while most experienced workers make up to $107,285 (₦92,265,100) per year (source: talent.com).

The US Agricultural Work Visa options for 2024 offer diverse opportunities in a sector that plays a significant role in American employment. Whether opting for the H-2A, H-2B, TN, or EB-3 visa, understanding the differences of each is crucial for international job seekers. Applicants should carefully weigh factors like competitiveness, duration, and residency prospects.

For those thinking about a career in the US agriculture industry, the typical agricultural pay offers a thorough overview while also highlighting the financial aspects of these options.

Keep in mind that it is always advisable to conduct personal research as laws can change at any time.