• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Alabi launches EQ House to help Africans in Diaspora maintain emotional stability

Alabi launches EQ House to help Africans in Diaspora maintain emotional stability

Founder of Emotions City, Africa’s Leading Emotional Intelligence Centre, Oyinkansola Alabi has launched an EQ House for Africa, a hub to help people especially Africans in Diaspora maintain emotional stability.

According to her, she created the E Q House of African because she believes Africans must save Africans and if anything has to change for Africans, Africans have to change it themselves.

So the EQ house of Africans is a hub where Africans in Diaspora can show up every Sunday to receive clarity directions, feedback, content on how to increase and influence their professions and content on emotional stability.

“It would be a tribe and community for Africans; I created the name because I am creative and I take the pleasure in naming things, so it was easy for me to come up with the name EQ House of Africans for Africans.”

The emotions doctor noted that every Sunday, “we would share and study each other’s cultures. We also brainstorm and do a lot of things together. It is crucial that we do this because Africans need a platform and a voice especially a voice of emotional stability and emotional intelligence.”

Continuing, she stressed that we all have the same emotional struggles, the same levels of pain, the same story; we share a lot of things across borders as Africans and no other person would understand us but ourselves.

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“I have met people who went through therapy but were not understood because of the cultural differences and the lack of cultural intelligence. Cultural intelligence is key if you want to help a client and to build rapport; you need to understand where the client is coming from, their cultures and how their cultures influence their beliefs, behaviours, their paradigms and everything.

“EQ House is the emotional hub and center point for all Africans in Diaspora. We would teach on emotional intelligence as well as any other thing pertaining to life and everything else people are interested in learning.

“We teach Emotional Intelligence because it is the oxygen of human relationships; we need it for intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships with other people. It is very crucial and everyone has to take responsibility for it and learn about it.”

She added that it was free as it was her form of emotional CSR to Africans.

“I want us to have a before and after experience to learn; to understand themselves better and have a safe landing during the meetings, it’s a safe space. It is our responsibility to understand the journey we have to embark on to save ourselves Africans in Diaspora/Africans residing in places that is not their home country,” she said.