• Monday, May 27, 2024
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African Management Institute champions upskilling for organisational growth


African Management Institute (AMI) has called on organisations to key into upskilling their workforce for a progressive and growing work environment.

According to the institute at a workshop in Lagos, it is tackling the critical issue of designing high-impact upskilling programs and reshaping the way businesses approach employee training.

Sheila Ojei, AMI’s Nigeria Country Manager, said: “Continuous learning and development are essential for achieving organisational excellence and adapting to today’s fast-paced markets.”

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Ojei said during her opening remarks that the event focused on innovative learning methods and practical tools that can empower individuals and entire organisations.

In addition, the workshop acted as a catalyst for insightful discussions among HR leaders. It explored the challenges and opportunities of creating a learning-centric workplace culture.

The dialogue emphasised a crucial point: investing in employee development isn’t just an HR responsibility, it’s a strategic business investment with the potential to significantly improve business outcomes and build resilient organisations.

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John Opute, a session attendee, shared his key takeaway: “AMI’s upskilling approach to learning adds significant value to an organisation’s bottom line.” This sentiment resonated throughout the workshop, highlighting the tangible benefits of investing in a skilled workforce.

The workshop coincided with the HR EXPO Africa Conference, attracting over 50 HR leaders from diverse sectors like banking, tech, energy, and healthcare. This convergence served a dual purpose: showcasing AMI’s innovative learning solutions and fostering potential collaborations aimed at transforming employee development and organizational success across Nigeria and beyond.