• Sunday, December 03, 2023
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8 best places to live in Accra


Accra, Ghana’s largest city’s capital, is thriving and diverse. It is a city of contrasts, with modern skyscrapers and lively marketplaces coexisting with traditional villages and ancient forts. Accra is a city that offers the best places to live, from its rich history and culture to its vibrant nightlife and magnificent beaches.

Accra, located on Ghana’s southern coast along the Gulf of Guinea, has a tropical climate that is hot and humid all year. It is culturally varied, with the Ga people constituting the majority ethnic group. English and Twi, Fante, and Ga are official languages.

Accra, West Africa’s economic and financial centre, is home to significant businesses such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, and manufacturing. It also serves as a major transportation centre, particularly with Kotoka International Airport, one of Africa’s busiest and a variety of neighbourhoods offering the best places to live.

Here are eight of the best places to live in Accra:

Airport Residential Area
This is a high-end residential area located close to the Kotoka International Airport. It is home to many embassies, international organisations, and luxury homes and apartments. It’s popular among expatriates and high-income earners.

Osu Accra
It is home to residential, commercial, and entertainment establishments. It’s known for its vibrant nightlife, restaurants, and proximity to the beach. This vibrant and cosmopolitan neighbourhood is located east of the central business district.

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Labone, Accra
This quiet and upscale residential area is located on the south side of the cantonment. It is home to many luxury homes, apartments, embassies, and international organisations. It’s close to amenities like shopping centres, schools, and restaurants.

This is another affluent residential area in the heart of Accra, approximately 5 km west of the Kwame Nkrumah Circle. It is home to many government officials, business leaders, and celebrities, featuring elegant houses, diplomatic missions, and international schools. It offers a quiet and upscale living environment.

Roman Ridge Accra
It is home to a mix of residential, commercial, and educational establishments, with luxurious houses and a serene environment. This popular residential area is located in the West of the Airport Residential Area, providing easy access to major parts of the city.

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East Legon Accra
This rapidly developing residential area is located 14km to the northeastern part of Accra. It is home to many luxury homes and apartments, shopping malls, restaurants, and bars. East Legon is a popular choice for many middle to upper-income residents.

West Legon Accra
Like East Legon, West Legon is a well-established residential area with various housing choices. This is a quiet and upscale residential area located 13 km north of the city centre of Accra. It is home to many luxury homes, apartments, embassies, and international organisations.

Dzorwulu Accra
Dzorwulu offers a mix of residential and commercial properties. It’s a more affordable option compared to some of the upscale neighbourhoods in Accra while still offering a comfortable living environment and located 6.5km southeast of the city centre.

Accra’s neighbourhoods, each with its distinct personality and charm, appeal to a diverse variety of residents and visitors. Accra provides diverse living alternatives, from the affluent and secure Airport Residential Area and Cantonments to Osu’s colourful and busy streets.

Whether you’re drawn to the serenity of Labone, the convenience of East Legon and West Legon, or the posh appeal of Roman Ridge and Dzorwulu, Accra’s neighbourhoods provide a diverse tapestry of experiences, making it a city with the best places to live for everyone.