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7 steps to participate in Customs e-auction

7 steps to participate in Customs e-auction

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Tuesday, January 16, 2023, re-opened the revamped e-auction platform to enable it to dispose of most of the seized and abandoned consignments littering the ports in the country.

This development has created an avenue for well-meaning Nigerians to participate and benefit from the opportunity provided by the Nigeria Customs’ e-auction.

Before someone can participate in the auction, the participant needs to register on the Nigeria Customs Service e-Auction site which involves giving one’s personal information and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

According to information made available on the official website of the Nigeria Customs Service, here are ways an individual can participate in the e-auction where lucky bidders can win vehicles, containers and other goods.

Register to bid

A potential bidder is expected to register on the revamped e-auction platform, which is accessible at https://auction.nigeriatradehub.gov.ng. This platform is an upgraded version of the previous portal designed to provide Nigerians with an equal opportunity to participate.

To register, the potential bidder is expected to log on to https://auction.nigeriatradehub.gov.ng.; create an account; fund his or her eWallet and place a bid on any of the desired items including vehicle or container.

The participant is also expected to present three important items including a valid tax identification number (TIN); a valid email that is linked to the person’s TIN and a phone number.


Depending on the platform, Customs may carry out a verification process to confirm the identity of the participant by submitting necessary details about TIN, email, and Phone number.

Administrative/bidding fee:

Every interested participant is expected to pay a nominal Administrative Charge of N1,000, which is applicable for a successful sign-up on the Nigeria Customs Service e-Auction portal.

Also, participating in any auction opportunity on the Nigeria Customs Service e-Auction portal attracts a participation fee of N1000 with each bid.

Viewing e-auction listing:

Participants can browse the listings of items available for auction. These listings typically include details about each item, such as description and condition.

Bidding period:

Abdullahi Maiwada, national public relations officer of Customs, said the auctions are periodic and it opens every Tuesday from 12 noon to 6 pm, providing the public with regular opportunities to select and bid for desired items.

A participant is allowed to bid for only two items in a window but can bid on each of those two items repeatedly to increase his or her chance of winning the item.

Notification of winning bid:

Once the bidding period ends, participants with the highest bid for each item are notified of their success. This notification includes details about the winning amount.

Meanwhile, Maiwada advised successful bidders to promptly download their winning certificates through the provided link in the confirmation email, adding that winners are required to present the certificate where the goods are domiciled, and the clearance process is expected to be done within seven days.


Winners are required to make payment for the items they won within a specific time frame. Payment methods and instructions are provided by the e-auction platform.

Meanwhile, Customs has warned participants not to make payments through personal bank accounts or unofficial channels to protect themselves from falling victim to fraud.

Customs insists that all payments for auctioned vehicles should be made through officially designated payment gateways or banks and no gratification or facilitation fees are required to secure a successful auction bid.

It added that official communications from the Nigeria Customs Service will be sent through recognised and verifiable channels; therefore, people need to be cautious of unsolicited emails, phone calls, or messages claiming to be from Customs.