• Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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624 terrorists destroyed, 1,051 arrested in May, says DHQ

624 terrorists destroyed, 1,051 arrested in May, says DHQ

The Defence Headquarters has reported that it neutralized 624 terrorists and arrested of 1,051 suspects, including logistic suppliers and informants, in May.

The Nigerian military has reported this progress in its ongoing counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations across the country, vowing to persist until terrorists are completely eradicated.

This revelation came to light during a press briefing held by Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media Operations, on Thursday in Abuja.

“In May alone, the potency of terrorist groups was severely degraded, with 624 terrorists neutralized and 1,051 suspects, including logistic suppliers and informants, arrested” Buba stated.

He also disclosed that 563 hostages were successfully rescued, and a substantial amount of weapons, ammunition, and stolen crude oil were recovered by the troops.

“The breakdown of recovered items for May includes but is not limited to 411 AK47 rifles, 234 locally fabricated guns, and significant quantities of assorted ammunition and petroleum products.

“The joint operational environment, coupled with synergy among various security and intelligence agencies, greatly contributed to the optimal performance of the troops”, he noted.

The advancement made by the troops, according to Buba stems from a concerted effort to target terrorist leaders, commanders, and combatants while dismantling their logistical, administrative, and fighting capabilities.

These combined efforts have significantly undermined the terrorists’ resolve to continue their activities.

The troops have received unwavering institutional support and increasing popular backing in their operations. The level of stamina and commitment exhibited by the troops remains steadfast in their mission to eliminate terrorism from Nigerian soil.

Buba also stated that the recent incidents such as the unprovoked killings of 17 personnel in Okuama, Delta State, and the assault on unarmed personnel in Banex Plaza, Abuja, have raised concerns.

“These acts are deemed detrimental to national security and counterproductive to the ongoing military efforts”, he said.

The military emphasized the importance of public support in winning the war against terrorism, urging citizens to report any misconduct by troops while affirming their commitment to maintaining discipline and professionalism.

The military reiterated its determination to continue fighting until terrorists are defeated on the battlefield, emphasizing the collective responsibility of all citizens in supporting troops to ensure the nation’s safety and prosperity.