• Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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53 years after war, Reps pass South East Development Commission Bill

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The House of Representatives has finally passed the long-awaited bill for the establishment of the South East Development Commission (SEDC), 53 years after the Nigerian civil war that ravaged the region.

“I am delighted that the House of Representatives successfully passed the bill for the establishment of the South East Development Commission after fifty-three long years, today,” Benjamin Kalu, the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, said in a statement posted on his X account on Thursday evening.

The SEDC, once established, will be entrusted with managing funds allocated from the federation account to address the consequences of the civil war in the Southeast states of Abia, Imo, Enugu, Anambra, and Ebonyi.

Its mission will be multifaceted, encompassing the reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure, including roads and houses, as well as tackling ecological challenges and other development needs specific to the region.

The bill’s passage coincides with ongoing efforts towards peace and stability in the Southeast through the “Peace in South East Project,” a non-kinetic approach to resolving socio-economic and sociological issues.