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5 free suicide helplines in Nigeria that could save a life

There are free suicide helplines in Nigeria that are your lifeline or can save someone else’s life.

Today is Mental Health Day, dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and promoting support for those who may be struggling. In a world where the challenges of daily life can often feel overwhelming, it’s essential to remember that help is always available.

In Nigeria, several organizations offer free suicide helplines, providing a lifeline for individuals in crisis or those who know someone at risk.

There are invaluable organizations, each committed to providing counseling, support, and hope to those in need. Whether you or someone you care about is facing emotional difficulties, these helplines offer a safe and compassionate space to seek assistance and find a path towards better mental health.

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Here are free suicide helplines in Nigeria that are your lifeline

SURPIN Helpline Nigeria
SURPIN Helpline Nigeria operates a 24-hour hotline providing counseling, support, and referral services to individuals facing depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or suicidal thoughts in Nigeria. Their counsellors are proficient in Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. Reach out to them at tel: 080 0078 7746.

Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI)
MANI offers round-the-clock, free, and confidential support to Nigerian youth dealing with emotional issues like anxiety, bullying, depression, eating disorders, family problems, grief, loneliness, relationship issues, self-harm, stress, suicide, and trauma. MANI is accessible 24/7, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year through various social media platforms.

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The Human Development Initiative
The Human Development Initiative is a non-profit organization that provides free, compassionate, and confidential phone support to all Nigerian citizens. They have friendly, empathetic, and supportive volunteers who offer assistance regardless of age, gender, beliefs, or ethnicity. You can contact them through their website, via SMS, or 0808 0551 376.

Cece Yara 24-Hour Child Helpline
This helpline is specifically for children and teenagers who are victims of sexual abuse. Staff members at the Cece Yara 24-Hour Child Helpline are trained professionals who provide support, counseling, and guidance for reporting or stopping child sexual abuse in Nigeria. They also arrange emergency assistance in Lagos State and Abuja and offer referral services for other areas in the country.

Nigerian suicide prevention hotline
Nigeria has an emergency suicide prevention hotline for individuals contemplating suicide. They provide 24/7 confidential support and advice to young people struggling with suicidal thoughts and those concerned about them. Additionally, they engage communities and volunteers in suicide prevention initiatives and offer training programs for local councils, healthcare professionals, and school staff.

You can reach them by phone at 234 806 210 6493, 234 809 210 6493, 234 809210 6493, or by visiting their website at https://nigeriasuicideprevention.com/.