• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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5 cities with the worst traffic in the world in 2024

cities with the worst traffic in the world

With the global population gravitating towards cities, traffic congestion poses escalating challenges for urban residents. Beyond commuter frustration and delays, it imposes substantial economic and environmental repercussions.

Traffic congestion is prevalent in busy city areas due to high population density, inadequate infrastructure, and limited public transportation. It has significant economic, environmental, and health consequences. To address this, city planners can utilize tools like the Traffic Index to develop strategies for reducing congestion and promoting sustainable urban mobility.

The Traffic Index measures commute time, dissatisfaction, CO2 emissions, and traffic inefficiencies, providing insights into overall traffic conditions. The Time Index indicates the average one-way transportation time, while the Time Exp.

The index estimates dissatisfaction with long commutes. The Inefficiency Index measures traffic inefficiencies caused by car usage or long commute times, and the CO2 Emission Index estimates CO2 consumption due to traffic time.

Lagos has again emerged as the worst city based on traffic congestion globally.
According to Numbeo, here are the five cities with the worst traffic in the world

Lagos, Nigeria

With a staggering Traffic Index of 354.5 and a Time Index of 68.8 minutes, Lagos takes the crown as the most traffic-congested city globally.

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles, often dubbed the “car capital” of the world, ranks second with a Traffic Index of 318.3 and a Time Index of 57.6 minutes.

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo with a Traffic Index of 290.1 and a Time Index of 59.5 minutes, faces mounting congestion due to rapid urbanization, population growth, and inadequate road capacity.

Delhi, India

Delhi, India’s capital, ranks fourth on the list with a Traffic Index of 286.9 and a Time Index of 57.9 minutes.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital, boasts a Traffic Index of 286.4 and a Time Index of 61.4 minutes, making it one of the most congested cities globally.